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Question 1 Entrepreneur can be expressed as different from anyone who can do a project or organize a new opportunity. He is characterized as an independent, innovative and always optimistic person who works hard and always challenges risks with determination to accept any kind of risk, often financial risks. I will talk about an Omani Entrepreneur in a variety of banking fields and he has set up five large companies. He says he has been successful because of mistakes he made in the past and learned from. Entrepreneur Qais al-Khunji, 35, who, like what has already been said, owns five companies and has a background in business and banking. He is also the primary analysis laboratory at the oil and Gas Company and the international training company. He studied at a university in Leicester, USA, and earned a degree in business information systems at a bachelor's degree. He is a former banker who runs the business his family owns and over the course of time decided to do his own work to learn and develop independently because he was Risk lovers and challenges. Qais said that it is difficult to compare the Sultanate of Oman to neighboring countries because their markets are often small and slow also means that it is difficult to stand on your feet in the business unless you have a unique idea and it is slow it takes time and time to address the matter and intended here factor You have to work hard and keep the market there has to be speed sometimes this is all a difficult challenge for companies that are under construction to keep going Qais said that the activities related to investment and training are among the most successful activities at the present time, which promote the recovery of oil, all for the purpose of oil production. Qais said that he faced many difficulties such as how to reach the target customers and the marketing strategy he could not handle properly because his first study was not good enough but he managed to get a staff full of optimism and confidence that they are able to achieve their goals and Work on projects required in the labor market. Qais said he had no problems with funding because he had chosen the right person to deal with the funding issues. He said that startups could seek help from two funds that serve these entrepreneurs, namely Al-Sharif Al-Rafid founds and the two are government initiatives as well as the private sector. In the end, Qais said that his dream is universal and to invest in Europe. At the moment, he is working hard and making more efforts in expanding the country in the fields of solid companies. Question 2 Timmons (2003:251) believes that these are the core and desirable attributes in entrepreneur: Desirable attributes Intelligence Inspirational Core attributes: - Creativity and values Innovativeness. Commitment and determination. Leadership. - Work environment adaptability - Creativity. - Courage. - Motivation to be outstanding. - Ability to Deal with risks. Emotionally stable, healthy and Energy. Important Definition an Entrepreneur Should Know Leadership : Convincing your employees to achieve business goals, this requires group work. Good leader should give them positive energy. Creativity : Is thinking out of the box or creating different approaches to particular activity Risk Taker An ability of entrepreneur to deal with uncertainty which may Occur in future. A successful entrepreneur keeps eyes on evaluating risks. As well as prepare him/her self for known and unknown, by keeping sufficient resources, plans and bandwidth in reserve. Values The business you made should not go against the culture of the society. Values have the main influences on individual attitude and behaviors. A good business man should act as a good person. Example of business value, innovation, community involvement and fairness. Intelligence: The ability to understand and make improvement on certain things as well as manage difficult situations. My own personal competencies and attributes for being entrepreneurial: 1- Leadership skills:(be a leader not a boss): "Leaders lead by example not by force ", a good leader manage human resources efficiently in the work place and make suggestions which may have direct effect on the performance of the business. Leadership is the art of giving people a platform for spreading the idea that work. 2- crucial: An entrepreneur should be able to make accurate decisions independently, based on sufficient knowledge about the matter and not accepting interference from outside. 3- Risk taker: Business is about controlling risk, the business men always believe taking high risks gives them the highest return. According to Mark Zuckerberg "the biggest risk is not taking any risk... The only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not Taking risks" 4- Confidence Success seems to be connected with confidence. An entrepreneur with reasonable confidence gives him/her or her opportunity to achieve the target. According to Anon to the fastest way to acquire self-confidence is to do what you are afraid to do" 5- innovative: Creativity is an important gift for all business man. It is a competitive advantage of distinguishing one business product than another business product. Improving the products is not a choice, it is necessary. As we live today in a competitive market. 6- Willingness: An entrepreneur must be able to contain problem of their business venture or any unexpected event. An example from my life, my father is a serious person. One day he travelled abroad for one month and asked me to manage some of his business. Actually, at that time I understood the meaning of responsibility. I had to monitor and make crucial decisions regarding his garden and buildings. Make these decisions required big confident. I changed the garden design which became more productive. I succeeded to overcome many difficulties, which I had no idea about before. Finally my father felt happy about my work. My friend also requested me to help him with his new business car service, we worked together hard. Now his business has a good reputation in the market. The skills of entrepreneur are obtained and developed from real life experience. When I say that I have learned a lesson...means I have already pay for it. start-up influences Question 3 personal character traits situational factors antecedant influences • personal character traits • • • Personal characteristics are formed only three sections and categories: Actions Directions followed The behaviors he performs He must be endowed with responsibility and honest with himself as well as the ability to adapt to any danger he may face and compatibility with him and the confidence and determination that all the decisions that he will take advantage of the work of the most important features that must exist and help to continue success in work on the other hand Empathy and the formation of relations and understanding and the existence of cooperation between members of the features that contribute significantly to the development of work and the completion of faster with greater profits that patience and courage are also two of the most important features that must be given because it helps to develop appropriate solutions and make the right decisions in difficult and dangerous situations How many The attribute of loyalty is one of the features that must be available in every business, that is, the employees, the employer and the entrepreneurs in general must have this feature because it is a source that is positive and beneficial to the work and to the person himself because he is honest and does his best work and does it well The intention is that he is the source of his livelihood. Example with explain :> First self-confidence: is a factor on which to base success in all projects and those who did not have confidence will never become a successful entrepreneur Second Experience The businessman must employ all his previous and current experiences in developing the work he is building.Thirdly risk must anticipate risks and prepare for them and develop alternative plans and solutions always because all business is particularly risky Fourth, determination, determination and persistence are the most important things that contribute to the continuation and expansion of work. • Situational factors: In general, circumstantial factors are very influential for example we have :> Economic :That the medical economy is constantly and significantly affected by entrepreneurship in several aspects :First, the level of income and economic situation in the country, whether it is prosperous or not, it plays a large role in the purchasing power of the general public in society and this is reflected on the success of the pilot project in general. Second, when there is stagnation in the economy, people in that community hesitate to do projects and invest in them negatively affect public projects in general. Unemployment: Entrepreneurship and business are considered to be the results that have affected unemployment. They also affect the withdrawal resulting from the boom in the economy when new and young companies employ, hire and hire employees. In this way, they reduce the unemployment rate and, on the other hand, The low rate of survival in the limited growth conditions of most small companies, which lead to contribute to limited employment at best in terms of start-ups, which is contrary to the regulation in projects that work to reduce unemployment and the rate of unemployment in companies New emerging is significantly low and notable. Other examples: Immigration Push v Pull Employment • Antecedent influences National culture: The researchers conducted an analysis of culture and its impact on entrepreneurship and concluded that culture facilitates entrepreneurship due to low ambiguity and also low power as well as high individuality of culture. Culture includes many beliefs, moral and social values. Cultural values are influenced by the project owner's intention to show the effectiveness, independence and suitability of the project. The values and beliefs found in each culture are the most important factors that encourage entrepreneurial entrepreneurship. Individual culture also provides for the values and achievements of many employees. Many entrepreneurs share values among different cultures, other leading beliefs independent of their culture. Family The family plays an important role for a businessman's success. When a businessman receives support from his family, this will increase his morale and give him a strong incentive to continue, succeed and expand the business. Other example: Education Ethnicity Gender All this factor and influences if I become an entrepreneurs will effect in my business For example, the personal qualities that I must have as confidence, which is one of the most important factors for the success of any business and I am a business leader I must have great confidence in myself and the success of the project and the decisions issued by the same as taking the danger and anticipation and willingness to confront it is one of the things that I have to do because without it will I will be weak and I will fail this way. In terms of culture, it is an important element and a very important and influential tool in the field of entrepreneurship and should not be underestimated and given value that may be reflected positively on the work and project that I am building The economy as a whole has a great impact on the work and since I am a business leader, focusing on the economy and the economic situation in the country is one of the most important elements that may raise the level of work, project and business that I do. As I said earlier, purchasing power is important for the success of entrepreneurship and purchasing power depends on the economy. The country and the material level of citizens, such as income and citizens, invest according to the income they receive. If we focus on the emotional factors and support and motivation, we focus on the family, which was significantly affected and play an important role in the continuity and expansion and success of the project and I wish as a business leader to receive the encouragement and support from my family to be able to develop and expand work and achieve the goals and profits that I hope to achieve when I put the project In general, these factors depend on the success of the project in general and the success of the owner in particular, and the effects that come from these factors must be taken with all positive.

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Question 1
In general terms it can be stated that an entrepreneur is anyone that can organize and
utilize an opportunity or do a project effectively. Such individuals are normally characterized
as being innovative, independent and always optimistic in turbulent times. Apart from that,
they are hardworking and always take on risks and ready to handle them in order to gain or
learn. This essay discusses one Omani entrepreneur that has grown to become an influential
individual running five major companies. One major thing he says is that he has managed to
become successful due to the mistakes he made in the past, which helped him to learn a lot.
The above mentioned entrepreneur is Qais al-Khunji, who is a 35 years old man. He
has knowledge in business and banking, which has enabled him to establish five major
companies. He is also skilled in analysis and is the key laboratory analyst in the oil and Gas
Company as well as the international training company. He has a bachelor’s degree in
business information systems from University of Leicester, USA. He has been a banker for
long together with running and managing their family business, but decided to create and run
his own ventures.
According to him, it is difficult for a business to survive in the Sultanate of Oman
because it has a small market, making it difficult for a business to grow fast. For a company
to grow fast, one must have a unique idea and have strategic management skills to help in
achieving of company goals and objectives. In such a market, one has to work hard and be
speedy in changing and implementing strategies due to the changing marketing needs and

Surname 2
trends. This is tricky for most managers especially for upcoming companies. According to
Qais, activities related with training and investment are the most successful at the present
moment, which fits well in the oil industry and guarantees increased production. Qais reports
that he had a lot of difficulties in reaching the target consumers and setting the most efficient
marketing strategy due to poor market study and analysis, but has managed to progress due to
his confident and optimistic employees. He states that the employees are able to work hard on
projects and achieve the set goals, which has steered the company to where it is today.
Qais also reported that he had very minimal problems with funding because he had
the best person to deal with financial issues. He advices start up entrepreneurs to seek funding
assistance from government sponsored initiatives such as Al-Sharif an...

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