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Preassignment Instructions: Download the annual report of a company that has substantial foreign operations.

Assignment Instructions: The final paper will involve applying the concepts learned in class to an analysis of a company using corporate governance information from their annual report. Using the concepts gleaned from this course, you will analyze the company’s corporate governance and write a report analyzing that activity.

Review Chapter 11 and Chapter 12 in your course text. Address the following questions:

  • Explain the main strategic issues associated with the company that you have chosen?
  • Discuss the way in which your chosen company has attempted to establish corporate governance.
  • Discuss the highlights of the auditor’s report.
  • Explain any relevant links between corporate governance and auditing?

When thinking of how to address the questions in this assignment, review the questions in the back of Chapter 12. There are many helpful questions that can guide the formation of the body of your paper.

The Analysis of a Corporate Governance Report final paper

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Corporate Governance
Institutional Affiliation




In the 21sty century, businesses are appreciating the value of corporate governance in their
normal activities. Following numerous cases of unethical practices, especially in corporate
leadership, the American government has taken strong strides to protect the business shareholders
and other stakeholders from unethical business practices by implementing the laws that govern
how the companies conduct their business and increase transparency. Bhagat & Bolton (2019)
illustrate that public companies have continued refining and adapting governance practices within
the framework of the country's evolving stock exchange laws and regulations. With the changing
corporate governance environment, the US focus on having the best governance, financial
reporting, and securities markets system globally. Corporate governance refers to a framework of
rules which the organization formulates to ensure transparency, fairness, and accountability
between the corporation and its stakeholders.
The company's stakeholders include shareholders, the surrounding community, customers,
suppliers, government, and employees. Furthermore, it offers a framework for attaining
organizational objectives. It touches every management sphere in the organization and internal
controls to reduce frauds and errors in the company. One measure of corporate governance in
today's corporate world is to provide proper strategies for addressing misconduct and enhance the
reduction of misconduct risks. Companies are expected to conduct their operation legally and
ethically to avoid issues of lawsuits as well as tainting their image to the public. Ethics allows
financial firms to undertake a legitimate business and be compliant with government rules and
regulations regardless of the locality. Bhagat & Bolton (2019) outline that corporate governance
is important to investors since it signifies that a company has taken big steps in ensuring its
integrity and transparency to its stakeholders. Good corporate governance enables an organization



to establish a culture of trust with its shareholders as well as the business community.
Consequently, it helps an organization promote its financial viability by creating a long-term
investment opportunity for the investors or shareholders. Bhagat & Bolton (2019) encourage
organizations to communicate their corporate governance frequently to win trust to the community
and investors. To boost its competitive edge in the market, McDonald's needs to address various
strategic issues it is facing and guarantee better corporate governance to investors, thus creating
long-term opportunities for their capital investment. Therefore, the article aims to identify strategic
issues that the company under study encounters, how it establishes its corporate governance, the
auditor's highlights, and the relationship between auditing and corporate governance.
Over of McDonald's Company
McDonald's is one of the world’s leading global foodservice retailers. Currently, the
restaurant has over 37,000 locations worldwide, and it operates in over 100 countries. The
company gives the independent me and women rights to establish Mcdonald's outlets at the
location of their interest. However, independent businesspeople must pay their monthly loyalties
to the company and operate their stores as per McDonald’s requirements or standards. According
to its website, McDonald's and its franchise have employed over 1.9 million people worldwide.
The company serves the custom...

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