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As part of our discussion on external benefits we will be looking at vaccine for our pandemic - Covid

You will

pick one of the subtopics listed below, expand on it and give a live link to articles that support your position. Please include in your post information presented in the article and give your own view.

You should give us a live link (hyperlink) to an article that supports your position. Use information from the article in your post.

- explain, in your own words, how vaccines are an external benefit and show the benefits to individuals and society ( economic growth, jobs, production, profits....

- benefits of vaccines in the US (how much have businesses lost because of the confinement when dealing with the pandemic

- what are the reasons why some do not want to be vaccinated and what will be the consequences of that? Give your opinion on that.

- should schools and universities expect their students to be vaccinated before coming to campus?

- benefits to our country  when giving vaccines to help other countries - India is a good example.

- profits of companies- do they have to share the patents for their vaccine?

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Reasons For Avoiding Covid-19 Vaccine

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Vaccines have been a debate topic over the years with people holding divergent views on
their benefits and hazards. This has remained with the current Covid-19 vaccine with many...

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