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This assignment requires that you engage with and learn about a culture that is different from your own. The important consideration here is involvement, not just as a bystander or observer, but engagement with people from a cultural group other than your own. Attendance at cultural events or rituals, spending time at places where people from the culture hang out, along with interviews of people from the culture are all excellent ways to engage with the cultural group you select. As you do your field experience, you will also support your understanding of the culture through library research. Examples and ideas will be discussed in class.

For this assignment, students are required to write a five-seven page (double-spaced) paper that includes: (Must include all 5 parts)

1.) A description of the cultural experiences

  • Write an overview of the experience (e.g., foods, decorations, stories, etc.)

2.) Analysis of the experience using theories and concepts from the course

  • Must cite concepts, key-terms, definitions, and examples from textbook

3.) Support for field research through library resources

  • Must cite scholarly journals, books, etc.

4.) A summary of reflections on what you have learned from the experience

  • (changed preconceived notions, differences/similarities of your culture)

5.) References/Work cited required!

  • Must cite sources in text and in bibliography (4 – 6 Scholarly Sources)

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Intercultural Project
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Intercultural Relationships

The Center for Advance Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) defines culture as,
a shared pattern of behavior and interactions, cognitive constructs and understandings that are
learned through socialization. In this regard, culture is seen as the growth of a group identity that
is fostered by social patterns that are unique to a group. Culture is also defined as the
characteristics and knowledge of a particular group of people who are defined by their language,
religion, social habits, cuisine/ food, music and arts (Abay, 2011). Therefore, culture exists in all
parts of the world, and these cultures have been grouped according to the relationships between
their cultures. For example, there is the western culture which is composed of countries that have
been influenced by the European culture (Ogunniyi, 1988).
There is also the Eastern culture which refers to the societal values in the countries
located in the Far East Asia and the Indian sub-continent. The Latin culture is composed of
nations that speak Spanish while the Middle Eastern culture involves countries in the Middle
East and are mostly of Arabic origin (Bordo, 2004). Lastly, there is the African culture that is
majorly on the African continent. This study aims at describing the cultural experience of the
African and western cultures and also analyzing the experience through theories and concepts.
To begin with, the culture of Africa is so diverse and unique in its different ways
(Wiredu, 2002). The variation and diversity of culture within the African continent occurs
because Africa as a continent is made up of a mixture of tribes and also it has a very diverse
population. The culture in Africa changes from one country to another but also, within a single
country there can be many culture...

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