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n the Week 5 readings, physician’s ethical and legal issues are discussed at length. One subject briefly touched upon is physician suicide. Do some research about the suicide rates among physicians and other healthcare professionals. Perhaps share an article found about the impact of the COVID pandemic on the suicide rate of healthcare professionals.

Discuss what precautions you think should be put in place to prevent similar tragedies from occurring in the future. Should self-care be considered an ethical issue for healthcare providers?

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Healthcare Professionals’ Ethical and Legal Issues

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Healthcare Professionals’ Ethical and Legal Issues

1. A lot of people blame medical professionals for failing them, and this depresses these
professionals (Kingston, 2020).
2. Some of the reasons of failure are far beyond their control.


Suicide among healthcare professionals
1. Physicians are committing suicide at a much higher rate than it used to be the case
(Marano, 2020).
2. This is due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.
3. Nonetheless, the problems which physicians face are quite old, but they only
worsened since the late 2019 (Kingston, 2020)


COVID-19 pandemic and suicide rates among healthcare professionals
1. The actual statistics about suicides by physicians are not yet known.
2. Nevertheless, doctors are dying, and Dr. Lorna Breen is just a single case in point.
3. She was a physician with over 21 years of experience, and she had seen a lot, yet she
killed herself upon contracting COVID-19 (Moutier et al., 2021).
4. The biggest problem is that physicians are suffering in silence and without seeking
reliable help.


Precautions which may avert similar tragedies in the future
1. Stakeholders should invent in research in order to understand the problem precisely.
2. That information should be used to create an environment with fewer stressors (OfeiDodoo, Loo-Gross, & Kellerman, 2021).

3. The complicated laws should be reviewed and simplified (Oquendo, Bernstein, &
Mayer, 2019).
4. Those with mental health issues should be encouraged to seek professional help and
be accorded all the care and support they need (Elbay & Karadere, 2020).

Ethics of self-care among healthcare providers
1. Before COVID-19, as many as 400 doctors committed suicide on a yearly basis
(Oquendo et al., 2019).
2. Physicians have challenges, yet they rarely seek help.
3. They should watch-out for signs such as hopelessness and helplessness, and seek
medical attention as soon as possible (Elbay & Karadere, 2020).
4. They should establish and keep social relations (Wong & Sanchez, 2018).
5. They must eat and sleep adequately, and also exercise as much as possible (Wong &
Sanchez, 2018).


1. For them to work and deliver effectively, physicians should take care of themselves
as well.
2. It is pos...

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