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This week’s journal articles focus on empowering leadership and effective collaboration in geographically dispersed teams, please answer the following questions:

How do geographically dispersed teams collaborate effectively?

Please find at least three tools on the market that teams can use to collaborate on a geographically dispersed team. Please note the pros and cons of each tool. 

Based on the research above, note which tool you would select if you were managing the geographically dispersed team and why.

Journal Article 3.1: Lucas, J.W. and Baxter, A.R. (2012) ‘Power, influence, and diversity in organizations’, The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 639(1): 49–70.

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Outline of empowering leadership and effective collaboration
Format: APA 7th edition
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Leadership is greatly dependent on one’s ability to process, arrange and develop
structures that achieve the set organizational goal. Lucas and Baxter (2012, p.51)suggest
that the leadership process greatly engages concepts of power, influence, and status in
identifying activities and responsibilities that teams would be required to complete in
order to attain the objectives delegated to them. The paper takes into consideration how
empowering effective leadership within the organization’s culture is seen to be directly
correlated to the outcomes achieved in graphically dispersed teams (Petty, Beadles,
Chapman, Lowery, Connell, 2016, p.486).


In Bonavia’s study beliefs and values are directly related to observable team
manifestations that help inform the teams of the organization’s take in matters of
motivation, strategy, rules, communication process, relationships, and technology
regardless of graphical disposition. However, concepts of globalization, outsourcing
needs, and strategic partnering of teams expose the organization to new challenges.
Instituting capable responsible leaders with the influence of their team’s function in the
various departments within an organization goes a long way in collaborating effectively
among geographically dispersed teams..

a) Collaboration tool The cutting edge contribution of most collaboration tools is cloud-based
because the user deals with a single instance of a file hence allowing for
simultaneous working. On Google Workspace Different dispersed teams
could simultaneously gain access to the same Google document online and
track changes hence creating a sense of working together. Additionally,
Google Workspace provides central storage that can be accessed from
anywhere and supports conference calls that allow free flow of
information amongst the teams.
b) communication tools
The pro of utilizing communication tools such as Slack to improve
collaboration of dispersed teams is the increased ease and time efficiency
of delivering required information compared to arranging for physical
meetings that would involve traveling and incurring unnecessary costs.
However Slack is not without its disadvantages because although it is
suitable for smaller teams in a given channel, instant messaging might not
be quite the best way to communicate.
c) Environmental and social change
The advantage of utilizing Doodle is that leaders could schedule tasks or
meetings centrally for their team and it will get sent to members
automatically in real-time hence ensuring increased turnout in com...

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