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Week 1: Conflict Management
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Recall that the discussion for each module has two parts – one for each week. To get proper credit, be sure you post an initial posting for each week, as well as respond to the postings of at least two other students each week. Remember that if someone posts a response to one of your posts, you should engage with that person as appropriate – as if you were having a real-time conversation.

Review the background materials on Conflict Management. You will need the concepts and principles from these readings to support your responses to the discussion questions. You may also support your comments with references from outside sources. Be sure to cite sources used.

Week 1: Conflict Management

What was the worst experience you ever had with conflict? What was so bad about it? What are some of the things that caused the conflict? Look at another student’s post and comment on how you, as an outsider, see the causes of their conflict. What are some suggestions you would have to mitigate or resolve their situation? When someone has responded to your post, be sure to go back and comment on if you think that the suggestions would have worked to resolve the conflict. Why or why not?

Week 2: Active Listening

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Active listening is a technique that is frequently used in conflict situations to increase the effectiveness of communication. View the following video and short article that teach active listening skills.

Active listening: Hear what people are actually saying. (2016). Mind Tools. Retrieved from

Now try to practice active listening with a friend, a spouse, coworker – or even a stranger on the bus! (You can use a cheat-sheet if you can’t remember all the steps.) Tell us about your experience. What were the circumstances of the conversation? Was it easy or hard? What gave you difficulty in putting the technique into practice? What was the other person’s reaction? Do you think the experiment was successful?

(Besides the source listed above, bring in and cite at least one other source of information for your initial post.)

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Conflict Management




Week 1: Conflict Management
The worst experience I ever had with conflict was during my second year in college. I
strongly and emotionally disagreed with my professor over the question wording on one of the
primary exam, which was also missed by the majority of my class members because of the
ambiguity of the question. Something that was so bad about the issue is that I brought the issue
to the professor’s attention with a lot of humility, but he dismissed my request and suggestion
without a second thought or considering my point of view. Some of the things that caused the
conflict between me and the professor were lack of effective communication skills as the

Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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