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In a 2-3 page paper, 600 word minimum (not including the cover page or a reference page) describe:

  • What is meant by ratio analysis
  • How ratio analysis may be used to predict an individual firm's stock price
  • Pick an actual company firm on the New York Stock Exchange and prepare a ratio analysis utilizing at least six common ratios.
  • Based on your analysis indicate whether this stock would be a buy, a sell, or a hold in terms of your recommendation to potential investors.
  • A minimum of two APA cited references are required, with at least one being from an outside source you find by searching the Internet.

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Ratio Analysis




Ratio Analysis 2
a) Definition of ratio analysis
A ratio analysis is a form quantitative analysis of information contained in company’s financial
statements such as income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement and used for
company’s evaluation of fiscal and operating performances in several areas of interest. (Stickney,

b) How ratio analysis may be used to predict an individual firm's stock price

The impact of financial ratio analysis with statistical methods proves that the profitability
ratio, as well as variation ratio, have a significant effect on the price of the stock. Therefore,
with the combin...

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