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1. Using satellite technology, the distance between two aircraft can be measured by keeping track of the angle between them and the distance of each plane to the tracking station. Assume plane 1 is 176.27 miles away and plane 2 is 222.34 miles away and the angle formed with the tracking station is 38.59°. How far apart are the planes? Answer: Solve for the missing length and the other two angles in the triangle below. Answer: Find the length a. Answer: Assume two radar stations that are 25 miles apart are both tracking a plane. At a given moment, the angle between Station 1 and the plane is 73°, while the angle between Station 2 and the plane is 46°. With this information, how far is the plane from Station 2? Answer: Solve for all missing sides and angles. Answer: Solve for all missing sides and angles. Answer: Use the dot product to determine which of the following vector pairs are orthogonal. (a) v1   5, 5 and v2  1, 1 v1  154,  169.4 and v2   88, 64 Answer: Consider the vector v   5, 8 . (a) What is the angle between v   5, 8 and the positive x-axis? Write v in the form Answer:  v cos , v sin  . Compute the following. a.) Calculate the scalar projection and projection of 5, 3 onto 7,  2 . Interpret this projection graphically. Answer: (b) (c)
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