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1. A 2-3 Sentence summary of the events of the story

2. A list of the characters with three or four descriptors for each character.

3. A list of themes you see the story contending with.

4. Who is the point of view from within the story? A first-person account from a character in the story? A third person account that has a close perspective so we get inflections from one or more characters? Or a more distanced third-person who floats between all of the characters and their thoughts. Provide a quote from the story that supports your answer here.

Then, answer the specific questions for your story:


In this final scene, why is the topic still Maggie?

How, if at all, did you assign race to Twyla and Roberta? What details gave you the impression of their races? Quote some examples from the story here.

"Everyday Use"

What does Dee say or do that reflects a growing interest in preserving her heritage? How is the butter churn used to contrast Dee’s relationship with her heritage with Maggie’s? Is there anything ironic about Dee’s connection to her heritage?

Why does Mrs. Johnson decide to stand up to Dee and not allow her to take the quilts at the end of the story?

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Literature Question
Question one
The article portrays the story of a mother who is reunited with her two daughters
Maggie and Dee who since birth have had different personalities and opinions. It’s noted
Maggie is well versed in traditional ways and is shy unlike her sister Dee who is more
educated and opinionated. Moreover, the article revolves on how Dee wanted their family
Quilts but her...

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