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I need this quick help with middle school math homework but need it in 3 hours......Write the problem and then the answer for each problem and make sure they are number correctly so answers do not get mix up

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1. Problem 1
Scientific notation is used to express either relatively large or relatively small numbers often
containing a high number of leading or trailing zeros. They are expressed in a form ๐‘Ž ร— 10๐‘ , where
1 โ‰ค ๐‘Ž < 10 and ๐‘Ž is a real number in a decimal form, whereas ๐‘ is an integer.
2. Problem 2
35.4 ร— 10
The given number is not in scientific notation, since ๐‘Ž > 10 and there is an absence of the
exponent ๐‘. The number, 35.4, must satisfy an interval 1 โ‰ค ๐‘Ž < 10, and the exponent ๐‘ must be
written as an integer, itโ€™s absent at the moment.
3. Problem 3
The given number is not in scientific notation, since although ๐‘Ž satisfies the required inequality,
the exponent does not have a base of 10 and no value of ๐‘ is included. In other words, the number
is multiplied by 2 instead of 10๐‘ .
4. Problem 4
0.387 ร— 10
The number ...

This is great! Exactly what I wanted.