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Discussion Topic: Research Design & Methods

Select one of the research methods listed. Provide a hypothetical research scenario that you would like to research and research question. What considerations would you make in designing the research question and your chosen research method? Your post should comprise a minimum of 250 words and at least 2–3 peer-reviewed references in APA format.

Discussion Topic: Reporting Quality Measures

One of the quality measures reported by hospitals to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) that is published on the Hospital Compare website is statistics on "surgery patients who were given an antibiotic at the right time (within one hour of surgery) to help prevent infection." Answer the following questions to reflect on your understanding of this quality measure addressing the following:

  • Why is it clinically important for patients to receive antibiotics within one hour of surgery?
  • In clinical documentation what would be reviewed to report on hospital performance of this quality measure or which portion of the record would provide the most accurate information to confirm the administration of antibiotics and its time?
  • If hospital consistently scores low on this measure, what does this indicate?
  • If a hospital is scoring low on this quality measure, which clinical quality management process could be used to help the hospital understand why the performance is low?

Your post should comprise a minimum of 250 words and at least 2–3 peer-reviewed references in APA style.

Source: Medicare.gov, Hospital Compare. (n.d.). Measures and current data collection periods. Retrieved from https://www.medicare.gov/hospitalcompare/Data/Data...

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HIMS 650

Reporting Quality Measures

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HIMS 650
The administration of antibiotics within an hour of surgery helps reduce the chances
of developing an infection on the surgical site (Salkind & Rao, 2011). This is referred to as
preoperative antibiotic prophylaxis. Surgical site infections are the most common type of
infection in surgical patients, accounting for roughly 500,000 infections every year (Salkind
& Rao, 2011). The patients that receive preoperative prophylaxis are 80% less likely to
develop wound infections compared to those with no prophylaxis (Crader & Varacallo,
2021). In many cases, preoperative prophylaxis is standard since it reduces the chance of
developing postoperative wound infections significantly.
In clinical documentation, the variables that are relevant to the hospital performance
of this quality measure include antibiotic timing for surgical incision and the risk associated
with the patient and the surgical procedure (Deierhoi et al., 2013). This way, the researchers
will be in a...

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