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You must review the article and find the 1) Unconditioned Stimulus, 2) Unconditioned Response, 3) Conditioned Stimulus, 4)the Reason the study is being conducted, 5)What design was used (e.g., trace, delayed, simultaneous, backward) & how did you determine this? I will be providing a document you can look at to go off of and the article you need to review and find the answers to the questions

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SAMPLE ARTICLE - Japanese Quail 1) Unconditioned Stimulus • Female Quail (p.215, Left Column, lines right above “Procedure” heading) (p.214, Right Column, lines 1-2 of column) 2) Unconditioned Response • Courting Display (p.214, Left Column, last 3 lines of column) 3) Conditioned Stimulus • A 6-volt low intensity buzzer (p.215, Left Column, lines right above “Procedure” heading) 4) the Reason the study is being conducted • to investigate the extent to which the components of the courting display could be classically conditioned. This demonstrates how cues in the environment may assist organisms to be more efficient in their reproductive behavior which is important to the passing on of their genes (Pg. 214, line #11-16) 5) What design was used (e.g., trace, delayed, simultaneous, backward) & how did you determine this? • Delayed: I determined this because the article’s presentation of the procedures describe that the intended CS started and the US was introduced before the offset of the CS, thus having the type of overlap that is distinctive to a delayed conditioning paradigm. • The section of the article that provided this information was: “The CS was then turned on and a timer was automatically started. Ten seconds after the onset of the CS the female was placed by hand through the swinging panel into the brooder with the male. At no time was the male able to observe the female before it was introduced into the chamber. The female made no audible sounds during handling. The CS remained on for 5 sec after the introduction of the female and was then terminated by the experimenter.” (p.215, Right column, lines 6-16) Optional Extra Credit: What was the operational definition of the conditioned response? • For this particular experience, because the CR was the same as the UR – a “courting display” this was measured by observing the presence, absence, degree, and/or pattern of the components of courting behavior that make up the “display,” which included the following 5 components: o Increased neck and body tonus o Stiffening of the legs o Toe-walking o Vocalization o Feather-puffing (p.213, Right Column, lines under heading of Identification/Description of Behavior)
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Heroin “Overdose” Death: Contribution of Drug Associated Environmental Cues
1) Unconditioned Stimulus
• Opiate/drug is the unconditio...

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