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Write a four page essay outlining the differences and similarities between the earlier version of “The story of the three bears “and the later version of “Goldilocks and the three bears.

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Differences and Similarities in the Story of the Three Bears fairy tale
There exists a great variation in the earlier version of “The story of the three bears “and
the later version of “Goldilocks and the three bears." The fairy tale is similar in both versions
only that there exist differences in the manner in which the authors present the various elements
of the story such as the characters, setting and the plot. However different elements remain
unchanged within the two versions of the story. Therefore there exist similarities and differences
in the two versions as will be discussed below.
Firstly there is a difference in the characters between the two versions. In the earlier
version of the story, the author uses an ugly old woman while in the second version; the author
replaces the ugly old woman in the previous version with a beautiful young woman. The two
versions, therefore, bring out the difference through the characters used. Also, there is a
difference regarding the bears in the two versions of the story. In the first story, the author refers
the three bears as three bachelor bears while in the later version, the author transforms the bears
to papa, mama and baby bear.
The two versions, therefore, show a difference in the characters that are used by the two
authors in bringing out the themes of the story. It is evident that both writers despite using the
same characters of a woman and three bears, they manipulated their characters through their
descriptions and also in appearance. For instance, the significant difference is depicted by the
ugly old woman in the earlier version and the young and very beautiful girl by the second author.

The transition from an old, ugly and silver-haired character to a character described as a very
pretty girl shows a major difference in characteristics of the character in the two versions.
Another difference that lies within the two versions of the story is in the naming of the
characters. Firstly, in the first version of the story, the female character, a woman is referred to as
Silver Hair while in the second version, the same character, now a pretty girl is named
Goldilocks. The three bears in the first version are referred to as little bear, middle bear, and a
huge bear. This aspect changes in the later version where they are referred to as papa, mama and
baby bear. This discrepancy in the naming of th...

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