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Collapse SubdiscussionMeriel GutierrezMeriel GutierrezMondaySep 20 at 10:41pmManage Discussion EntryMeriel Gutierrez (A-M)Hood (2018) Nurses utilize evidence-based research to help influence patient and system outcomes. This can mean understanding specific medical conditions, utilizing proper interventions, risk factors, treatment plans, teaching material to decrease the rate of readmissions and health care cost. In addition, new knowledge can lead to changes in health care treatments, policies and care.Chan (2018) Multiple chronic medical conditions are a potential barrier to the reduction in readmission rates. Being in a medical surgical floor we have a lot of patients that are readmitted due to exacerbation of comorbidities. Some of the major medical conditions that enter our unit are hypertension, diabetes, dialysis patients, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and congestive heart failure. By understanding each unique condition can we assist in patient care. For instance, we can print information to help teach our patients on how to manage their medical conditions. Nurses can also search information as to why a specific medication is being used. Another potential barrier would be if resources are not adequately utilized by staff or if a patient does not properly follow the treatment plan. When multiple patients don’t meet adequate standards of care treatments/policies are modified or changed in order to improve overall outcomes. Patient education and community interventions may be needed in order to overcome these obstacles. Other methods to improve the effectiveness of implementing research is to include family members in patient care plans. For example, utilizing our resources like consulting dietary and explaining what foods are allowed versus not allowed to eat. Nurses can find a teachable moment where patients and family want to learn more about managing a new diet and explain the most important reasons why. It’s a huge accomplishment if I can give my patient five minutes of critically important information and have them demonstrate their understanding. Anything after that I know it won’t sink in, I try to focus on the most crucial aspects of their care. Lastly, always leave the door open for additional questions.Chan, A.C. (2018). An integrative review: adherence barriers to a low-salt diet in culturally diverse heart failure adults. Australian journal of advanced nursing, 36(1), 37-47., L.J.H., (2018). Developing and using nursing knowledge through research. Leddy and Pepper’s professional nursing (9th ed., pp.256-260). Wolters Kluwer.A-M:  How would you describe your use of research in your nursing practice? What are some of the barriers to research utilization that you see in your clinical setting? How might they be overcome? Support this post with one current (within the past five years) peer-reviewed NURSING journal article as a citation.

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Hi Gutierrez. Indeed, research makes nursing practice more effective and efficient in
improving client outcomes and streamlining interventions. However...

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