Describe as completely as you can the so-called "Periklean building program", geology homework help

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You will select one (1) of the following, all of which will be options on the test. Note: Because you are getting the essay questions early, I have correspondingly higher expectations for your answers. The best way to study for the non-problem essays is to make a very detailed study outline. This efficiently allows you to concentrate relevant information. Don’t simply walk into the exam and try to write an answer off the top of your head. It won’t work. You need to address the question fully. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that writing one or two bluebook pages in big print is going to suffice for these answers.

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1- Describe as completely as you can the so-called "Periklean building program" on the Athenian Acropolis. Be as specific as you can about the forms of the buildings, architects, dates of construction, etc. Don't forget any relevant decoration on or in the buildings

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