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I need 4 pages to 5 about 2 films Won't Back Down & Children in American Schools. All the requirements is in the file that I have attached it. thank you.

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Individual Paper I need 4 pages to 5 about 2 films Won't Back Down & Children in American Schools. Please read all the requirements and follow all the questions below, thank you. This part of the paper requires you to go deeper and provide a critical analysis of a central theme that is portrayed in both the movie and the documentary. An example of a central theme may include poverty, race, gender, discrimination or the depiction of the teacher as the “hero.” You may use one of these themes or select a more relevant theme from your film and/or your documentary. Make sure you select a theme that directly links to issues concerning urban education to analyze. Your paper must be at least 6 to 8 pages long, double spaced, in APA format and should analyze the components listed below. Support your arguments (in-text citations of references) using at least three references (at least one reference must be new, i.e. not used in your group paper – no Wikipedia is allowed). You must also include the film and documentary you are analyzing in your reference section but (the film and documentary do not count as part of the three references). All references must be in APA and on a separate reference page at the end of the paper. Template for Individual paper (Cover page) Title of Paper Your Name Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on America’s Urban Schools April 2017 IMPORTANT Answer these questions for your individual paper: (Please note: all of these section titles in bold can be used as your headings flush left.) Central Theme 1. What is a central theme evident about urban education? – -Make a theme statement as a complete sentence. -Explain it and give details from the film AND the documentary. Broader Message 2. Identify and discuss one broader message underlying the theme you identified in #1 – support your arguments with either readings from class or outside references (e.g., if the theme is student learning and success in life then a broader message may be why poverty matters, or not, for the issue. If the theme is student motivation or empowerment then a broader message may be how schools are structured for learning either through power relationships, the curriculum (is it developmentally appropriate, meaningful, and/or culturally relevant), or assessment (e.g., teaching to the test). If the theme is poverty, the message may be oppression and the social, economic and cultural structures that perpetuate poverty and lack of opportunity in school and society). Answer and include details from the film AND the documentary. Mainstream Media 3. Do you believe that TV, Hollywood, and documentaries give a fair and realistic representation of urban schools? Why or why not? Answer and include details from the film AND the documentary. Biography Person’s Influence 4. What would your biography person have to say about the theme you identified in #1 as far as how to address the problems of urban education? Conclusion 5. Write a conclusion that includes at least two changes or solutions that YOU recommend for urban education. Support your arguments with 1) why these changes or solutions are important and also 2) how they might be implemented and possible barriers that may be faced.) References APA ...
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Running Head: WON’T BACK DOWN

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Central theme
The education received by the poor, urban students in the public schools is not
sufficient enough to enhance competition from their counterparts, middle and upper-income
students. From the movie "won't back down" and the documentary "Children in American
schools" poverty is a broad aspect that displays the disparities/ inequalities in the education
given to students from suburban communities, the poorer rural communities, and the inner
Won't Back Down is a movie about a failing primary school, displaying the American
public education experiencing a meltdown and producing high school graduates who are less
literate as compared to those in the same grade school some years back. The movie embraces
the idea of parents taking control of their children's schools by rewarding the gifted teachers,
condemn the lazy and overpaid teachers and generally reorganize the administration. Jamie
Fitzpatrick is a single mom who is an auto-dealer secretary during the day and a night shift
bartender has Malia a third grader who is dyslexic as a daughter. Malia attends a classroom
of a teacher who is an underperformer but yet the most overpaid teacher as presented by her
colleagues. Jamie shows her determination in wanting to get Malia changed to a different
classroom with an inspired teacher, Nona, but her efforts are shuttered by an opposing force
from the principal, Bill. Jamie's determination leads her to convince Nona to start a school
with her which she agrees. Won't back down tries to relate poverty to education in that the
two characters are determined to ensure reformation by improving public schools as it is a
system that is broken and must be fixed.
Children in American schools is a documentary that tries to examine the disparity
between public schools in the impoverished and wealthy districts of the state of Ohio. It



begins by displaying the structure of the schools in the poorer districts which are presented to
have collapsed ceilings, walls that are crumbling and water damaged structures contrasting
them to the wealthier district public schools that have pristine cafeterias, huge pools, and their
trimmed landscape. Jonathan Kozol a writer of the book ‘Savage inequalities' where this
documentary is based on explains the problems facing the underfunded schools including;
perpetual leaks, outmoded use of burning furnaces, inadequate computers, holes in ceilings
and buildings that lack bathrooms. In the wealthier schools they tend to have all that the
underfunded schools lack and more including; computers and robotic la...

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