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Using the two scenarios below, apply the below 4 steps in a paper of 600-800 words per scenario.

Evaluate each argument, using the four-step process described on pp. 197-198, regarding soundness of reasoning (truth and validity).

Explain your assessment, and add alternative argumentation where necessary.

Format your assignment according to appropriate course level APA guidelines

References must be provided.

2 Scenarios

1) The credit card habit promotes careless spending, particularly among young people. Therefore, credit card companies should not be permitted to issue credit cards to anyone under age 21.

2) Drug dealing should not be a crime because it does not directly harm others or force them to harm themselves.

4 Step Process

1)State your argument fully, as clearly as you can. Be sure to identify any hidden premises and, if the argument is complex, to express all parts of it.

2) Examine each part of your argument for errors affecting truth. (To be sure your examination is not perfunctory, play devil’s advocate and challenge the argument, asking pointed questions about it, taking nothing for granted.) Note any instances of either/or thinking, avoiding the issue, overgeneralizing, oversimplifying, double standard, shifting the burden of proof, or irrational appeal. In addition, check to be sure that the argument reflects the evidence found in your investigation and is relevant to the pro and con arguments and scenarios you produced earlier.

3) Examine your argument for validity errors; that is, consider the reasoning that links conclusions to premises. Determine whether your conclusion is legitimate or illegitimate.

4) If you find one or more errors, revise your argument to eliminate them. The changes you will have to make in your argument will depend on the kinds of errors you find. Sometimes, only minor revision is called for—the adding of a simple qualification, for example, or the substitution of a rational appeal for an irrational one. Occasionally, however, the change required is more dramatic. You may, for example, find your argument so flawed that the only appropriate action is to abandon it altogether and embrace a different argument. On those occasions, you may be tempted to pretend your argument is sound and hope no one will notice the errors. Resist that hope. It is foolish as well as dishonest to invest time in refining a view that you know is unsound.

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Scenario Essay
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Scenario 1
Young adults these days have grown to be luckier when compared to how their
parents were raised. This is due to the fact that credit cards have become more accessible to
them through the permission of the parents and in other time, without the permission.
However, the accessibility has led to the inappropriate uses of the credit cards leading to
careless shopping sprees that will leave a lot of debts that needs paying all the while leaving
the young adult as an irresponsible person. In the best interests of both parents and their
children, many people have found that the credit companies should limit themselves to only
providing credit cards to persons who are over the age of 21 years in order to avoid the
misfortunes that may occur if a young adult gets a credit card (Kamas, 2006).
One of the reasons why the credit companies should be restricted from providing
credit cards to young adults goes hand in hand with the devaluation of work which occurs
once the young adults especially teenagers are accessible to credit cards. Devaluation of work
occurs due to the distortion of the money value since most of the young adults don’t
understand the concept of how money is earned which is through hard work since they are
accessible to credit cards without the benefit of working which leads to all debts incurred
from the shopping being paid by the parents.
However, few of the young adults do understand the concept and will even work to
get money that will be used so this argument may not apply to all. In addition, the parents
who introduce the credit cards to the young adult are also irresponsible since they could teach
their children about the value of money and value of hard work all the while encouraging

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