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PROMPT- Indigo is normally an autonomous person. Discuss how she would go about making an important decision —for example, what career to pursue, whether to make a large purchase, whether to marry someone. That will require you to go into depth about the concept of autonomy and what has to be going on for someone to be autonomous; a slogan will not be enough. Then discuss in detail one way someone else’s actions could undermine the autonomy of her choice. Finally, discuss in detail one way that social forces (social, cultural, economic, et cetera) could undermine the autonomy of her choice.

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Autonomous Decision Making

Indigo is an autonomous person and is faced with an essential decision of which
career to pursue.

Second, Indigo must have self-knowledge of the career she is motivated to do in
life to ensure she is not confused.

The other factor is options whereby Indigo must consider her options based on
different careers that align with motivation and ambitions in life.

Unfortunately, external forces from people will try to undermine Indigo's autonomy
while choosing her career.

Finally, Indigo might lose the capacity and ability to make an autonomous decision
because of social factors like an economic disadvantage.


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Autonomous Decision Making
Indigo as an autonomous person and is faced with an important decision of which career
to pursue. This means the career indigo chooses to pursue must align with her motivation in life
as an autonomous person. The future goals she wants to achieve for self-satisfaction is the main
thing that will determine the career Indigo will go for. For instance if Indigo is passionate about
the world history and the things that happened in the past. Choosing a history major will help her
satisfy her desire to learn about past events because she would be motivated to give her best in that
line of career. However, there ar...

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