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Users concerned with protecting data from prying eyes will need robust and comprehensive encryption. Encryption uses algorithms for encrypting your private files in a password-protected volume. You can store your encrypted data in files (containers) or partitions (devices).


This project introduces you to VeraCrypt, an encryption solution for securing important files.


1. Read and execute the instructions for Hands-on Project 1 starting on page 469.

2. Write a paper describing your experience and project results. Describe challenges you encountered.

3. Paste the screenshots into your paper. For each screenshot, describe in DETAIL what is taking place.

4. Save and upload your assignment file here to Canvas.

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6:54 A 9.7 Conclusion TT c iiii Hands-on Projects a Project 1 Ə 1 E) AA VeraCrypt® makes the process of securing your private files easy. Using VeraCrypt, you can create a mountable virtual drive from a file on your existing C: drive. The new virtual drive is fully encrypted. You can just drag-and-drop your files into this new drive. Once you are done using the files on the encrypted drive, you just unmount the drive with VeraCrypt. After unmounting the drive, it will look like a normal (and big) file again. All your data is safely encrypted. If you want to access the files, you simply use VeraCrypt to mount the drive again. The ability to move files directly to another drive without having to enter a password for each individual file saves a great deal of time. VeraCrypt reduces the overall load on users. VeraCrypt is a great 'ution if you are worki- > ft. Hide 6:54 Hands-on Pr... TT >> iiii VeraCrypt reduces the overall load on users. VeraCrypt is a great solution if you are working with a large number of files that need to be encrypted. 8. Double-click the 6:54 Hands-on Pr... 口 W TT ) auIILIILISLI ALUI. iili 7. Click I Accept, Next, Next, Install, OK, No, and Finish. @ 8. Double-click the Q VeraCrypt icon on your desktop. 6 9. Click Tools and Volume Creation ] Wizard. 10. Click Next, Next, and Select File. AA 11. Browse to your C:\security folder. 12. Select any text file with your name showing. (You can create a new text file if one doesn't exist. In this case, it's RandyBoyle.txt.) Hide 13. Click Save and Yes. 14. Take a screenshot. 15. Click Next. 16. Note the encryption algorithm used. 17. Click Next. 18. Enter 20 MB for the size of the container. 19. Click Next. 20. Enter a password that you can remember (in this case, “tiger1234" without autos) 6:54 Hands-on Pr... IT > SIZE UI LE LUITLAICI. 19. Click Next. iiii 20. Enter a password that ou can Q remember (in this case, “tiger1234" without quotes). 3) 21. Click Next, Format, Yes, OK, and Exit. (The VeraCrypt Volume Creation Wizard will close, but the main VeraCrypt window should still be open.) AA 22. Click on the Q: drive. (You can select any available drive.) Hide 23. Click Select File. 24. Browse to your C:\security folder. 25. Select the text file you chose earlier. (In this case, it was RandyBoyle.txt.) 26. Click Open. 27. Click Mount. 28. Enter the password you chose earlier. 29. Click OK. 30. Open Windows Explorer. 31. Drag-and-drop any file from your < > 6:54 A Hands-on Pr... IT Kanayboyie.txt.) 26. Click Open. 27. Click Mount. 28. Enter the password you chose earlier. 29. Click OK. 30. Open Windows Explorer. 31. Drag-and-drop any file from your C:\security folder to the newly created drive (in this case, the Q: drive). AA 32. Take a screenshot. 33. Close Windows Explorer. 34. Back in VeraCrypt, click on the Q: drive. Hide 35. Click Dismount. 36. Open Windows Explorer 37. Browse to your C:\security folder. 38. Note the size of the text file you selected earlier. (In this case, RandyBoyle.txt is now 20 MB.) 39. Take a screenshot showing your new text file. > sto ojects
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Encryption is not an option with the rise in organized cybercrime and simple moles just
selling off your data. Data has become the new gold mine and must be protected at all costs.
However, not all encryption tools are the same. Each works differently, but they all have the
same purpose, that is, securing your most valuable data.
VeraCrypt is one of...

Just the thing I needed, saved me a lot of time.

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