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Files can be lost, accidentally deleted, or intentionally removed. It may seem like these files are gone forever, but as you learned in the Easer lab, not necessarily. File recovery software can help retrieve files or parts of a file that are believed to be lost.


The scope of this project is to work with Recuva, a free file recovery program that makes it extremely easy to locate files that were once thought to be lost forever


1. Read and execute the instructions for Hands-on Project 2 starting on page 517.

2. Write a paper describing your experience and project results. Describe challenges you encountered.

3. Paste the screenshots into your paper. For each screenshot, describe in DETAIL what is taking place.

4. Save and upload your assignment file here to Canvas.

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7:10 Hands-on Pr... TT Project 2 iiii Q Recuva® is a useful program by Piriform® that will scan the empty memory space on your computer to see if there are any files that can be recovered. It can also securely delete files so they cannot be recovered. 目 А. Most users errantly believe that data is gone forever when they empty it from the Recycle Bin. This is incorrect. It merely marks the space as open to be written over if another file needs to be stored. Your operating system writes over these open spaces and subsequently “damages" the previously deleted file. Hide 1. Download Recuva from ecuva/download. 2. Click Download from 3. Click Download Latest Version. < 4. Click Save. > Tf+h raram 7:10 A Hands-on Pr... TT c 4. Click Save. Koy iiii 5. If the program doesn't automatically open, browse to your download folder. Q g) 6. Run the installation program. 7. Select Run, Ok, Next, I Agree, Install, and Finish. 3) AA 8. Click Start, Programs, Recuva, and Recuva (or you can double-click the Recuva desktop icon). 9. Select the drive from Hide which you want to recover files. (Your C: drive will work, but it will take longer to complete the scan. The scan will complete much more quickly on a USB drive.) 10. Click Scan. 11. After the scan completes, click on any of the recovered files listed with a graphic extension (e.g.jpg or .bmp) until you see a picture on the right- hand side of the screen. < > 10 T.1.
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Recuva File Recovery Program
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Sometimes, files may be accidentally deleted or disappear. Most of the time, these files
may contain important documents to the user, and they might not be able to generate new ones or
are supposed to meet a deadline. When such a case occurs, file recovery programs become a
necessity. Keep in mind this is because these programs enable a user to recover files that have
been compromised or have been deemed inaccessible due to reasons such as deletion, whether
intentional or unintentional...

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