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In computer terminology, a honeypot is a trap set to detect, deflect, or, in some manner, counteract attempts at unauthorized use of information systems. Generally, a honeypot consists of a computer, data, or a network site that appears to be part of a network, but is actually isolated and monitored, and which seems to contain information or a resource of value to attackers. This is similar to the police baiting a criminal and then conducting undercover surveillance.


During this project you setup HoneyBOT, a simple honeypot that allows you to see how many people are probing your computer for weaknesses.


1.Read and execute the instructions for Hands-on Project 1 starting on page 516.

2. Write a paper describing your experience and project results. Describe challenges you encountered.

3. Paste the screenshots into your paper. For each screenshot, describe in DETAIL what is taking place.

4. Save and upload your assignment file here to Canvas.

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7:07 10.6: Conclus... TT ) iiii Hands-on Projects o Project 1 HoneyBOT® is a simple honeypot for beginners to use. Honeypots can give you a good idea of how many people are probing your machine for weaknesses. Without a honeypot, you may not be able to tell if anyone is scanning your machine. AA 517 In this example, you will use your web browser to generate some entries in HoneyBOT. You will try to make FTP and HTTP connections with your own computer. The honeypot will record the IP address of the remote machine that is scanning your computer and each port that was scanned. 1. Download HoneyBOT from www.atomicsoftwar 2. Download the Academic release. 3. Click Save. Hide < > 7:07 Hands-on Pr... TT c 3. Click Save. jiji 4. Select your downloads folder. 5. Browse to your downloads folder. Q 60 6. Double-click HoneyBOT_018.exe. (The version number may be different as newer releases E) become available.) AA 7. Click Run, Next, I accept, Next, Next, and Next. 8. Check Create desktop icon. 9. Click Next, Install, and Finish. 10. Press the Start button or click File and Start. 11. HoneyBOT may ask you to select an adapter if you have multiple NICS (network interface cards) in your Hide computer; select your current IP address. (It could be a non-routable IP that starts with “192.168" or it could be a typical IP address.) < 2. Click OK. > 122 Tolo caroonshot 7:07 Hands-on Pr... 口 W TT ל Heu/ 12. Click OK. iiii 13. Take a screenshot showing the total number of sockets Q loaded in the bottom status bar. 68 14. Click Start. 15. Open a web browser and go to = AA FTP://[Your IP Address). (Replace Your IP Address with the IP address that is being used by HoneyBOT.) 16. When prompted for a username enter your first name. 17. Enter your last name for the password. (Entering your first and last names as username and password will record them in the HoneyBOT log. You don't really have an FTP server running. It's being “faked” by HoneyBot.) Hide 18. Open a web browser and go to http://[YourIPAddr > 7:07 Hands-on Pr... W TT > HoneyBOT.) 19. Return to iiii HoneyBOT and take a screenshot. @ 20. Double-click on one of the entries with the local port listing 21. (The remote IP and local IP should um be the same.) 21. Take a screenshot of AA the HoneyBOT log entry showing your first and last names being used to access an FTP server. Project 2 Recuva® is a useful < gram by Piriform® t' > W scan the empty
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Honeypot is a system that developers use to aid them in trafficking security threats. It is
used as bait to catch hackers and attack a system (Seffers, 2018). The honeypot mechanism is to
keep them at bay until they can unmask the hacker and know how they work. The honeypot
system allows easy and fr...

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