dodge ram 1500

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why did my truck start to stall at a stop and with the key off try to keep running

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Quick answer with the info you have given.
1.Sounds like the ignition needs to be replaced for starters.
2. Stalling at a stop can be several issues. After replacing the Ignition i would give it a full basic tuneup.
Spark Plugs, Oil and oil filter change, Air filter change.
3. Check your plugwires se if there very old or damaged if so replace.
If you do all this and none of it is very hard or spendy and is good preventive maintance and it still stalls witch it should'nt then you have a deeper issue most likely fuel pump and or fuel filter.
Alll in all you most likely have a bad ignition and bad plugs witch will couse the issues you are having.
If therees any other info i can help with or you want to give me a little more info just shoot me a message he or in my box best of luck.

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Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.