"Global issues and their Relationship with the Illegal Drug Trade"

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This paper is 50 pages in APA format and must show how different global issues are tied in with the Illegal Drug Trade. Some examples you can use are terrorist groups( like the FARC, Taliban, etc) corruption(political, military, police), homicide, gangs, illegal immigration, kidnapping, and organized crime( Italian Mafia, Russian Mafia,etc). Discuss examples of countries where narcotics play a vital role in social issues, economy, violent crime. (Colombia, Panama, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Mexico)Must be original work, will be screened through turnitin.com for plagiarism. I can provide a deadline of two weeks so that the paper is completed by the 27th of November to be reviewed for corrections. Please feel free to use any examples pertaining to the topic in order to meet the 50 page requirement.


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