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Nepotism I-What is Nepotism II- Nepotism as a positive perspective *Example: cultural effect (nepotism is acceptable in some cultures) and family businesses III- Nepotism as a negative perspective * Example: bias judgment that could be wrong 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) Why Nepotism could be an issue of Integrity Why Nepotism could be an issue of accountability Why Nepotism could be an issue of competence Why Nepotism could be an issue of corruption Why Nepotism could be an issue of Ethics in general • Conflict of interest a) How it could be a potential ethical issue b) How it could be perceived in the sense of an ethical issue (conflict of interest is not a problem in itself; the way to ethically deal with it is the problem) c) How it could be a real ethical factor in bad decision-making. IV- In what direction Nepotism could be compared and explained based on the 3 theories Ethical Theories a) Consequentialism b) Deontology ( Kantianism) c) Virtues Ethics ( Aristotelianism) Reference for Ethical Theories Hurthouse, R. (2001). Ethical theories compared. Retrieved from
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