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Title: The Changing Face of Food in the US: (approximately 6 to 8 pages)

1.Explore the influence of big business on American agriculture.

a.Monsanto Corporation is a major seed supplier. Explain the controversy that surrounds the GMO seeds produced by Monsanto. Explain Monsanto’s monopoly on the sale of seeds to American farmers.(3/4 page)

b.Identify the regulatory agency and explain the legal requirements that must be followed for a farm to produce organic foods. (½ page)

c.Explain what is meant by heirloom foods. Explain why farmers stopped producing heirloom foods? Why are heirloom foods regaining popularity? (½ page)

d.Do you support the business practices of Monsanto or the practices of American farmers growing organic and heirloom foods? Explain your answer. (½ page)

2.Explore the role of food advertising in shaping the food voice/culture of the US:

a.What is the total dollar amount that is spent on food advertising annually in the US? ( ¼ page)

b.Answer the prompts below for each food company: General Mills; Smithfield Farms; and Kraft Foods(1 page)(Answer in complete sentences)

The actual dollar amount each company spends annually on food advertising in the US.

One major food sold by each of these companies in the US.

The target audience for each food identified above in the US.

The annual sales of each of these foods in the US.

c.Explain how you have been influenced by the advertising from these food companies? What foods from these companies make up part of your food voice?(½ page)

3.Provide an overview of the Slow Food Movement:

a.The Slow Food Movement began in Italy. What year did it begin and who started it? What were the Italian people protesting? What did the people eat during the protest to show their dissatisfaction with what was happening? (½ page)

b.The Concept of Conviviality is the basic philosophy of the Slow Food Movement. Explain what is meant by the Concept of Conviviality? (½ page)

c.Provide data to demonstrate the popularity of the Slow Food Movement in the world, the US, and NY?(½ page)

4.Provide an overview of the Farm to Table initiative:

a.Governor Cuomo held a summit in 2014 to discuss the many Farm to Table initiatives in NYS to support farmers and the access of healthy food by consumers. Explain the components of the following programs:(1 ½ pages)(Answer in complete sentences)

Taste New York.

FreshConnect, Fresh Food Box and Manager Certification program.

Farm to Institutions in NYS (FINYS)


b.Explain how the Farm to Table initiatives complement the objectives of the Slow Food Movement. (½ page)

5.Provide an overview of food insecurity in the NYC:

a.Explain what is meant by the following terms: food insecurity, food bank, and food desert.

(½ page)

b.Explain the basic principle of the Supplemental Food and Nutrition Program (SNAP) also known as Food Stamps. How many people participate in SNAP in NYC? How many SNAP participants in NYC are estimated to be children 18 years old and younger? ( ½ page)

c.Single Stop is a program available at LaGuardia Community College: Explain the basic services ofSingle Stop. Specifically explain the resources that Single Stop provides to the college community regarding food security? (½ page)

6.Reflection: After completing this paper, what topic did you find the most interesting? What impact did this topic have on your food voice or on the way you see food? (1 page)

Project Mechanics:


a.The Internet:

Most of the information for this report is accessible on the Internet. Information must be from well accepted and respected online sources. Much of the information can be located at the United States and New York State government websites. Look for the tag “.org” or “.gov” at the end of the web address.

b.Scholarly articles:

Look for information in professional peer reviewed journals.

Use at least one source/reference from a peer reviewed professional journal.


Within the paper: All the references must be properly cited within the body of the paper using the APA format.

At the end of the paper: All references used to write the paper must be presented on a separate reference page at the end of the paper using the APA format.

For guidance on how to present the citations within the body and the reference page, see the web page

The College library holds workshops toward the end of each semester on how to properly cite student work.


A maximum of 3 quotations may be used in the paper.

The length of one quote should not be longer than two lines.

  1. The Paper:

a.The paper must be typed: 12 font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1” margins, and presented neatly.

b.Use complete sentences for all of your answers. Grammar, spelling and neatness count toward your final grade.

c.The page length for each topic is a guide. The total length of the paper should be approximately 8 pages long.

  1. Submitting the paper:

s a hard copy to the instructor on the due date.

c.Digital Deposits:

All students must deposit the paper in the college assessment area: Global Learningwritten.

All Food and Nutrition majors must ALSO upload this paper in digital format in their ePortfolio.

  1. Academic Integrity:

b.All information presented in this project must be written IN THE STUDENT’S OWN WORDS. If material for the project is taken directly from a source, it must be in quotations, and the source properly cited. The number and length of quotes must be kept to a minimum for this paper.

c.STUDENTS FOUND TO BE PLAGIAIRIZING WILL RECEIVE A GRADE OF “0” FOR THE ASSIGNMENT which will jeopardize their ability to pass the course.

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The Changing Face of Food in Us
Student’s Name:

The Changing Face of Food in US
Agriculture has turned to be the major industry in the United States of America. Dating
back in 2007, statistics show that 922 million acres of land were covered by approximately, 2.2
million farms. Although the farming activities take place in all the states in America, they are
mostly concentrated in the lake regions. The big businesses have however had a lot of influence
on the American agriculture.
Influence of big business on American agriculture
Monsanto Corporation, Perdue and Archer Daniels are examples of Agribusinesses which
has greatly contributed to political campaigns whereby they end up getting allowances such as
tax breaks, environmental loopholes and subsidies for their own benefit as companies. They use
all this as a stepping stone to benefit as companies. These big businesses have really flourished
and prospered and more especially in the Midwest, South and Great Plains due to the significant
political influence they have gained for themselves. The prosperity of Monsanto for example
brings about irony. This is because, as the company flourishes, the rural communities have
greatly suffered social, political, environmental and economic effects of concentration, vertical
integration and mergers. Rural communities have been affected so much and more especially the
family farmers due to water and air pollution together with the bankruptcy of farm tools and
seeds. Therefore, the nation needs to implement rules and regulations so as to take care of all the
stakeholders and more especially implement agricultural policies that would govern farm
communities, family farmers and all the other workers in agribusiness (Hall, 2007).
In most areas in America, agriculture is dying slowly by slowly because it has only been
left in hands of fewer and fewer individuals and companies. Large farms have dominated the

whole market while the small individuals who carry out farming have been neglected. A big
business such as Monsanto has used its economic power in the market together with its huge
profits to silence the upcoming farmers to ensure that its economic position in the market is not
compromised. Farmers have completely become unable to farm equipment, seeds and fertilizers
because costs have been increased beyond their reach. The small scale farmers have not been
able and cannot be able to prosper since what they sell has been put and graded low by the
market controllers.
The agribusinesses have a tendency of invading and moving into local communities
where they start business operations for example, some open vast chicken farms, processing
plants and feedlots whereby they end up polluting the nearby rivers that are used by the local
farmers and finally, end up chasing them out of business. Besides their creation of jobs in the
local communities, they hire the local dwellers, paying them very little wages.
Controversy surrounding Monsanto’s GMO seeds
Monsanto Company has been criticized all over by different people and termed as the
‘most evil company in the world’. The aim of this company is to control all the agricultural
production not only in United States of America but in the whole world. It promotes the use of
GMO seeds and it is the lobbying center of biotechnology (Tannahill, n.d.). These seed have
brought a lot of controversies and...

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