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question1:who principally has power in the united states today? please use one of the eight reasonable theories on power and please discuss the role of the political parties, media(news and ads), elections and voting , and interest groups.

question2;is this distribution of power just or unjust in terms of freedom, equality, and order?

remember: please underline your thesis and then your topic sentence in each paragraph ( 8 pages double space )

essay must be based on these three books (Stowitts, American Government and Politics in the New Millennium,9th edition)(stowitts, Study Guide and Reader for American Government and Politics in the New Millennium,9th edition)(Canon, The Enduring Debate, 7th edition)

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Question 1
In the United States, the government has exclusive powers over the citizens, but there
are some interest groups who have a direct or indirect influence on the activities of the
government. The pluralism theory seems to be in agreement with my statement. Pluralism
theory states that decision making is majorly in the framework of the government, but many
non-government organizations are using their resources to exert pressure on the government.
The central point of concern of pluralism theory is that how influence and power are
distributed in the political process. According to Stowitts‘‘the groups of some individual are
using their influence to try to maximize their interests'' (Text 270). In American politics,
power is one of the most determining factors and this is why it has to be controlled in order
for both the leader and the citizens to enjoy it.
Despite the government being vested with the task of managing the state of situations,
it is being intruded by some very rich people in the society. The decisions that are rendered
by the government are being manipulated to suit the interests of cartels in the society. Even
though the government tries to shift power to the people, the agents of government such as
media, political parties, and interest groups use their influence to alter the smooth flow of
power to the people. Stowitts state that, ‘‘the common man lacks access to important
information not because they do not want the information but because some individuals
curtail access to information’’ (Reader 330). Over time, the members of the public have tried
to exert pressure on the government to share equal powers to all, but their grievances are not
heard because the agents dictate their channels for passing information. They have
successfully manipulated the system.
Most of the media outlets have shifted their focus from providing important
information about governance and focus on entertainments. The essence of shifting focus to



entertainments is because of their personal interests. The societal expectations from the media
are to provide them with reliable information about how the government is being run. But
instead of acting as a channel of imparting people with relevant knowledge, they are using the
opportunity to deny the public from accessing the information. The media is expected to be
the people’s watch dog by highlighting their plight to the people in power as well as giving
response to the people form the government. ‘‘The media with all their influence has failed to
sensitize the public on their rights’’ (Text 224). The mass media utilize the ignorance of the
citizens at the expense of gaining supernormal profits. If citizens are not informed, the
government has not been successful in educating the general public on their rights and
responsibilities as citizens.
The essence of the media is to ...

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