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BUSI 691 FIELD ACTIVITY: COMPLETED ACTIVITY - OVERVIEW, RESEARCH SUPPORT, ANALYSIS, RECOMMENDATIONS ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS OVERVIEW This Field Activity will aid the student in providing solutions that align with a biblical worldview to problems associated with cost, access, and quality of care. The capstone project seeks to integrate the concepts, techniques, and knowledge of all areas of healthcare administration, with a focus on the application of strategic management. This field activity project, which is completed in two parts, requires students to apply what they have learned throughout the curriculum. The overall objective of the capstone course is to enable students to build upon their theoretical preparation. Each student will select an organization in which to complete a field activity. Note: The organization will remain anonymous. No part of any collection or analysis of data/information may be utilized or published beyond the course. The field activity may be part of current employment, a formal or informal internship, apprenticeship or consultant. The student may use his/her current healthcare organization or an organization within the healthcare industry for which he/she is not currently employed. If the student has not been previously employed in a healthcare field or employed in any capacity, then the student should choose a healthcare organization of their choosing. The specific name of the organization will not be revealed in the assignment to maintain anonymity INSTRUCTIONS Since this is a two-part project; for the completed project, the student will combine both Field Activity Assignments into one completed Capstone document. For the second assignment the student will provide a 15–20-page document combining the Field Activity: Organization, Activity Summary, Role, Project Timeline Assignment, and this Field Activity: Completed Activity - Overview, Research Support, Analysis, Recommendations Assignment. The completed Healthcare Administration capstone project will include the following: • • • • • Overview of the activity A comprehensive analysis of the selected field activity is provided Research support of the strategic impact on a healthcare organization is presented Recommendations to be made to the organization as a result of the activity findings Strongly relevant application of the course principles is made in the analysis of the field activity o Include ▪ Innovative recommendations for improvement/changes OR information supporting how you implemented innovative change in the organization as part of this field activity. ▪ Describe how this field activity contributes to the social responsibility initiatives of the organization. ▪ Evaluate the impact or correlation of this field activity on the strategic goals of the organization. Page 1 of 2 BUSI 691 ▪ Substantive Biblical integration (with Scriptural support) provided throughout each part of the analysis/paper. Required items to include are outlined as follows: • Title page, Abstract, and Reference list must be included • Length of assignment is 15–20 pages o Title page, abstract, reference sections are excluded from this length • Format of assignment is in current APA format • The paper uses 15 scholarly sources plus the course text. • Biblical integration is included and fully supports the analysis of key concepts throughout the paper. • Scholarly articles must be published within the last five years. Refer to the course materials and texts to ensure you include appropriate analysis of the organization utilizing critical success factors to support your evaluation of the organization as compared to its benchmarks. Ideally, the field activity selected should be a hands-on activity in a healthcare organization (kept anonymous). However, when face-to-face activities are not permissible the use of virtual platforms and other forms of electronic communication may be utilized. We do not want proprietary data included in the assignment submission. The activity could be one that you are currently completing as part of your job responsibilities or one that needs to be addressed in your current role. Or, if you are not employed, have never been employed, or do not have physical access to any healthcare organization at this time, you can complete a case study in which you collect information/data for a specific healthcare organization online, with the use of databases, via email or telephone, or via virtual communication/meetings. Examples: • A job analysis of a healthcare organization could be completed. • A marketing plan could be developed. • A staffing strategy (recruitment, selection) could be created. • A compensation structure could be created. If you elect to conduct a case study on a healthcare organization, you will minimally need to complete the following: • Benchmark analysis (the text will be helpful) • SWOT analysis • Summary of identified problems to be addressed • Summary of recommendations to address the problems identified • Utilize research support to provide the rationale for your analysis and recommendations. The document you will be submitting is a summary of the activity you completed (not a description of the project). Thus, if you conduct a job analysis, you will provide details of the process, results, and recommendations you would make to the organization resulting from your findings. Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool. Page 2 of 2 Kermetha Richardson BUSI 691 Dr. Rosol Field Activity My field activity is going to be based on healthcare facilities. In the field activity, I will be concerns any activities that try to work on the working of a medical services related association. As the business keeps on advancing, there are expanding pressing factors to set aside cash and be effective while working on the nature of patient consideration. Project management has become significantly more significant in medical care in recent years. In enormous part, that is a direct result of wellbeing concerns: a medical services project done inadequately can prompt patients' medical conditions. Timeline of the Project -Work on the nature of care by further developing cycles used to give that consideration. -Further develop correspondence among medical care staff really focusing on patients. -Work on authoritative arranging. -Improve planning, as solid venture the board straightforwardly adjusts assets to significant work. -Increment staff usefulness. -Further develop measures that are set up to diminish the danger of claims — in enormous part on the grounds that further developed cycles increment the nature of care. -Further develop relations with partners, including protection suppliers, government offices, patients, and others.
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Field Activity Assignment Complete
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Field Activity Assignment Complete
The field of healthcare industry and management has gained significance prominence and
developed substantially over the past five decades. Like other industries, it includes many parties
and players in different areas within the industry. Most of the healthcare players, including firms
and organizations of different sizes, engage in healthcare management and administration to help
them and others meet business objectives, targets, and goals. Administrators in this industry offer
leadership and guidance to different participating players. Also known as industry experts, these
administrators make fundamental decisions, which directly affect different organizations as they
strive to meet their strategic targets. This field activity assignment seeks to offer an evaluation of
the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a healthcare organization case study. The
organization evaluated operates in an extremely competitive and dynamic sector of medical and
specialty environment. Hence, the company hires trained workers, including physicians, nurses,
doctors, and other care providers to guarantee quality services and products delivery. From the
SWOT analysis, numerous issues were also noted in the case study, including high staff attrition,
lack of adequate training, poor marketing strategies, and high worker turnover. Besides, this field
activity equally found numerous innovations for advancement, which the organization can adopt
to improve its overall performance. Some of these innovations included big data utilization, data
analysis, using activity-based costing strategies, and ensuring balanced teams. Further, this field
activity was similarly found to impact this organization’s strategic objectives in different ways,
including enhancing its security and safety using technology and promotion of affordable care
services and products.



According to Bitkina et al. (2020), the healthcare industry has experienced a significant
and unmatched development during the recent past. The roles of various healthcare experts have
also shifted and changed significantly. One of these functions include healthcare administration,
with administrators offering services and products in direct and non-direct care environments. In
particular, the healthcare administration field plays an integral part in the entire management and
running of the healthcare sector. Healthcare providers ensure leadership, guidance, and direction
to different institutions. These organizations in turn provide the required healthcare services and
provides to different parties. As for Bitkina et al. (2020), administrators perform diverse roles in
the healthcare industry, functions that promote the overall performance of different organizations
in this sector. Given the complexity and dynamic nature of this industry, administrators who can
efficiently supervise, coordinate, lead, and collaborate workers and institutions are needed. Also,
healthcare managers equally perform crucial roles in ensuring that all activities in a company are
completed to meet organizational goals and objectives.
Besides, healthcare administrators are similarly responsible for appropriate appropriation
and use of financial and HRM resources in different organizations. This field activity assignment
seeks to gives an appraisal of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a healthcare
organization case study. The company evaluated operates in a highly competitive and dynamic
industry of medical and specialty environment. It hires trained workers, including physicians,
nurses, doctors, and other care providers to guarantee quality services delivery. From the SWOT
analysis, issues different issues will be noted in the case study. Besides, this field activity will
equally look at different innovations for advancement, which the organization can implement to
improve its overall performance. Some of these innovations included big data utilization, data



analysis, using activity-based costing strategies, and ensuring balanced teams. Further, this field
activity will further impact the firm’s strategic objectives in diverse ways, including enhancing
its security and safety using technology and promotion of affordable care services and products.
This paper also provides a detailed evaluation of a healthcare administration management
activity with a major focus on recommending the best technologies, the activities’ contribution to
the firm’s social responsibility efforts, the activities’ effects on the business’ strategic objectives
and goals, and an integration of substantive biblical quotes in support. As already shown above,
healthcare administrators perform pertinent functions, including decision making and shaping an
organization’s future, and therefore, their roles ensure increased workers’ morale, proper use and
allocation of financial resources, recruitment of skilled and experienced employees, and efficient
acquisition of new healthcare technologies.
Benchmark Analysis and Case Study
Benchmark analysis is a form of market study where a firm compares its performance to
established and best practices in the market. Through this analysis, an organization can gauge its
overall performance and understand what is needs to do to meet its organizational goals. using a
benchmarking analysis, a company can also know how to go about initiating changes to obtain a
competitive advantage in the industry over competitive companies. While this process is never a
simple or quick tool, it can offer a business insightful and invaluable information while assisting
it to ensure continuous improvement. One of the benefits of benchmarking an organization is that
it can help it outperform its competitors and become much open to ideas and improvement. Yet,
a benchmark analysis is equally a valuable tool in helping an organization identify different gaps
in the market and take maximum advantage. When a business understands its strengths and areas
of weakness, it can attain its desired performance by implementing methods that bring significant



competitive advantages. For instance, the business can better position and equip itself to develop
and initiate necessary improvements for peak growth and development. A company can similarly
use benchmark analysis to enhance its product quality (Alosani & Al-Dhaafri, 2020).
From the above definition, benchmark analysis involves different stages that demonstrate
the field’s best practices. These stages can help an organization to design and secure a roadmap it
can utilize to guarantee business growth. Using this analysis, the management can equally know
and work on the business’ weakness while bolstering its strengths (Bala & Christine, 2014). In
addition, Bala and Christine (2014) assert that benchmarking is highly beneficial to all types of
businesses because it assists them to craft business strategies that can allow them to remain and
main competitiveness in different industries. Through this process, organizations can similarly
embrace novel concepts, ideas, and technologies that promote their performance. They likewise
argue that it helps healthcare organizations to identify diverse disparities among their expected,
desired, and real ways of ensuring high-quality care and services to populations. They similarly
assert that in today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive, and globalized economy, companies
of different sizes and from different industries have been forced to adopt diverse innovative and
management philosophies to remain in business. For them, benchmarking analysis is all about an
organization getting an understanding of its business and performance by doing a competitive or
comparative study and applying insights gained to improve its performance. As for McGaughey
et al. (2005), benchmarking is a standard process through which work is evaluated, performed, or
gauged. Most organizations have embraced this approach as a vital business model for improving
their organizational competitiveness.



According to Bala and Christine (2014), benchmarking also promotes administrators and
managers roles, enabling them to ponder over broader ideas, move from their comfort zones, and
learn from top performers. For instance, by understanding the paramount practices, skills, as well
as abilities of top-performers, administrators to know how to maneuver and put their companies
on the road to excellence using evidence-based management practices (Bala & Christine, 2014).
For this reason, benchmarking is seen as a direct setting-activity and nothing less than a quality
equipment. For managers and administrators, it is the means to advance and become prolific in
their professions. The healthcare organization used in this case study is one of the leading and
best healthcare facilities in the country. It offers a wide range of healthcare products and services
to diverse patient population across the country. For instance, it provides specialized and highly
tailored care services to patients with long-term conditions, including cardiac, diabetes, obesity,
and hypertension patients. Its fu...

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