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 A building housing a child-care centre is infested with termites. The building is to be fumigated using the pesticide sulfuryl fluoride. The child-care centre asks you to prepare a report on whether there is any risk to staff or children in the proposed fumigation.

For this report, you will need to conduct extensive research that includes from 5 to 10 sources. At least two of these sources must be articles from peer-reviewed scientific journals. Write a report that presents scientific evidence for and against the use of sulfuryl fluoride and make a recommendation to the child-care centre about whether the fumigation should go ahead. 
• use Times New Roman (12pt) or Arial (11pt) type throughout?

• written approximately 1500 words from first word of Introduction to last word of Conclusion and Recommendations?

• used page numbers starting with the Introduction on page 1?

• included a title page?
• included an abstract?
• included a table of contents with all headings and page numbers?

• used Harvard-style in-text referencing to indicate the source of information used in the report?

• used the following main headings (as well as some subheadings) with the introduction starting on page 1:
- 1 Introduction
- 2 Discussion
- 3 Conclusion and recommendations
- 4 References (Harvard-style list including between 5 and 10 entries)

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