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q  All paper must be double-spaced.

q  Font style should be either Ariel, Times or something similar.  No script font!

q  Font size should be 12 point.

q  All papers will be submitted in MLA format.

q  All papers will conform to the standards of English including, grammar, spelling and conventions.

q  All final essays MUST include a Smarthinking Markup. Failure to include a Markup may result in the loss of one letter grade

 Write a 1,500 word minimum essay (about 5 full pages), in MLA format that answers each of the guidelines for the assignment. Additionally, you will need to find a minimum of EIGHT sources to support your thesis with at least two books, two academic or scholarly journal articles from a database, two magazine articles and a balanced mixture of other sources types. Sources from Wikipedia will not be accepted. 

Essay Topic #1

Is ADHD a social problem or a medical problem? Research the topic and provide support.

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