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Section One – Executive Summary – 5 points.

Outline the key findings, challenges, and recommendations in summary form (1 page). This should include a strong use of terms learned in class (e.g. “competitive advantage”). Compare the Chipotle Mexican Grill with YUM! Brands, Inc. and Del Taco Restaurants, Inc.

Section Two – Introduction/Background – 5 points.
Answer the questions:
When did they start/history?
What is their primary business? (and briefly describe the industry)
Who are its main competitors?
Be concise and precise. (don’t copy/paste off its website or Wikipedia.)

Approximate page length = 1 page.

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Section One – Executive Summary IHG is a Hotel & Lodging Company that has brands all across the board and hotels all across the world. Relying especially on their Holiday Inn brand, this company can certainly use some work. Their biggest problem areas within their company is that they lack a lot of the brand recognition that Hilton and Marriott have as well as how they are geographically condensed to certain areas and lack the broadness that their main competitors have. They also face a lot of competition with Airbnb and the global recession that is keeping people from spending lots of money on hotels. We’ve determined that IHG should seek out an aggressive strategy as they do have a very competitive advantage in the hotel and lodging industry which is currently very stable. As well, due to their position as a Cash Cow, it is best for IHG to build up an excess of cash than what is needed so that they might be able to sustain and maintain their position as long as possible as a leader in the hotel industry. As well, it is recommended that they hold and maintain this position by further Developing their Products and fixing their lack of brand recognition while also focusing on Market Penetration by looking to diversify the locations of their hotels. Section Two – Introduction/Background Intercontinental Began in 1777 as a brewery owned by William Bass of Burton-on-Trent, UK. Eventually he would turn it into a global hospitality company and that began with the first Intercontinental hotel in Belem, Brazil and William Bass acquiring it in 1998. With the coming expansion, It was widely to be known as the first international luxury hotel brand. Kemmons Wilson opened the first Holiday Inn in 1952 because he wished there were comfortable and affordable places where families could stay. In 1988, Bass acquired the Holiday Inn company. 1989, legislation passed that limited the number of pubs brewers could own and that made Bass cut down on his pub estate and instead focused on growing the international hotel business. From then on, the IHG company continued to grow and obtain new properties. Obtaining such places as Candlewood Suites, Crowne Plaza, Staybridge Suites, Hotel Indigo and EVEN Hotels. The Holiday Inn brand continued to grow, sprouting Holiday Inn Express, Holiday Inn Resorts and Holiday Inn Club Vacations. They continue to grow to this day, with their most recent acquisition of the Kimpton Brand.
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Section One – Executive Summary
The Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc. is a leading chain of fast food outlets with
operations in the US, UK, Canada, and France. With a primary emphasis on their tacos
and mission-style burritos, the business has been on the continuous growth and has
numerous potential to go places. The company, for instance, has over the years enjoyed a
rapid growth from approximately 510 restaurants in 2006 when McDonald's divorced the
company, to over 1,500 restaurants today, spread across 2,000 locations world over.
Among the main strengths that accrue a unique comparative advantage for the restaurant
are the high emphasis on food quality and a keen focus on customer service. The
emphasis on food safety has for instance ...

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