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Earth Science Research
Earth science is a field of science that is concerned with the study of planet Earth and its
neighbors in the space, (Shackleton 81). It is an important branch of planetary science. Some of
the basic fields of Earth science are geology, oceanography, astronomy and meteorology.
Knowledge about Earth science can be used to examine the effect of human activity on the
earth’s environment, and create mechanisms of protecting the planet, use knowledge on some of
the earth processes such as earthquakes, volcanoes, and hurricanes in order to help plan safety
measures for the people living in these areas, and locate and develop energy and mineral
The research topic for this study is geology. It is the most important earth science.
Geology means the study of the earth. It deals with composition of the earth materials, the
structures of the earth, as well as earth processes. The study of geology is therefore very
important in the earth. Earth scientists specializing in geology are interested in the composition
of the earth materials because knowledge in this field is important in discovering mineral ores
where oil can be tapped, precious metals such as gold, diamond, zinc and copper. It is also very
important in identifying underground water that can be tapped for heavy commercial purposes
such as irrigation to produce both subsistence and commercial food crops. The knowledge of the
material composition of the earth is therefore very important because it helps in designing ways
and mechanisms of extracting these value mineral materials for economic purposes that help
improve the quality of human life on earth.
The study of the biosphere, hydrosphere, and the internal of the earth’s structure are
important to geologists in advancing the knowledge of the earth science. Biosphere is contains
the plant and animal life supporting materials. Biosphere mainly comprises of water and organic



substances that are important in providing nutrients to plants and animals. Studying biosphere is
therefore very important in maintaining the correct balance of water and organic substances on
the surface of the earth hence ensuring life sustainability.
Hydrosphere is contains both fres...

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