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Familiarize yourself with the following three resources, and then write a five-page paper. The required code must be included in the paper.

Harvard’s CS50 Week 8 - Python - Watch the week 8 presentation of Harvard’s popular CS50 class from Fall of 2016.()

Learn Python the Hard Way - Learn Python the Hard Way (it’s a joke) is a series of small chapters that give you Python programs to type in (never cut and paste, that’s the LPTHW rule!) and learn Python along the way. Do the first eight free chapters of Python 2. Explore more if you’d like to. (https://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/ (Links to an external site.))

Code Academy - Create an ID (it’s free) and do Up to #8 (Loops) of Code Academy’s Python 2 Track (it’s the free one, don’t spend money on Python 3). Code Academy will keep track of what you’ve done so don’t think you have to do it for two hours straight. Do a little every day until you get there. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-python (Links to an external site.)

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Learning Python

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Learning Python
Source 1: CSO50 Week 8 Python by David Malan
CS50 is one of the accurate, comprehensive introductions when it comes to learning
computer science. Watching the course being presented by David Malan on edX comprises 13
weeks of guidance or instructions with about eight mandatory issue sets(Psets) with the
conclusion of a final project. Moreover, the source has many pros and cons compared to the
traditional knowledge of programming language in computer science.
First and foremost, David introduces the first pset from scratch on what should be done in
the first week concerning standard output and Linux C Compiling, which gives an individual
knowledge and self-esteem needed for programming languages in the computer science world.
Also, the speaker incorporates some dancing performances to get the audience's attention on
what is about to be presented concerning python and C coding. Another pro of the film is that it
has interval breaks, making it possible for the audience to connect various psets when it comes to
any coding. For instance, the casting and imprecision pset2 connects well with the command line
arguments and sorting in pset 3. Another importance of the film source in learning coding is that
it appears real through various demonstrations of each coding language. According to the
speaker's teachings, the student can pause and try out the mentioned practices and see whether
it's true. Therefore, adopting film sources as guidance for computers makes it easy for students
and other professions to have more knowledge about coding languages.
However, using this type of source in computers has few cons that make it ch...

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