Unit 8 assignment ​Itinerary For The Trip Of A Lifetime

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Itinerary For The Trip Of A Lifetime

Have you ever wished that you had all the resources you needed to take a trip anywhere in the world that you wanted to go? Most of us fantasize about boarding a plane, or train, or cruise ship and heading for the destination of a lifetime. However, the truth is that such a trip takes immense planning, and it will involve many different types of technology to get you from home to paradise.

For this Unit 8 Assignment you will create an itinerary for JUST YOU for a two week trip to any destination of your choice. Yes, for this trip, you are travelingalone.

  • Choose your destination. The only restriction is that the destination must be outside of the 48 contiguous United States (i.e. not Hawaii or Alaska).
  • Imagine that you have all of the financial resources you need, and a two week vacation from your job and university courses. Family and significant others wish you well as you take this well-deserved solo vacation.
  • Determine the best way to get to your destination, and set up the travel arrangements to and from. You may also need transportation while you are at your destination, so arrange that too.
  • Plan out the activities you want to do while you are at the destination of your dreams.
  • Plan for the trip home.
    • You might already have the return transportation arranged, but how will you get to the train depot or the air or seaport?
    • How will you prepare for an uneventful encounter with the Transportation Security Administration or other Customs checks?
  • Write the itinerary in essay form as a Microsoft Word document. The minimum length should be 4-5 pages, plus a title page and a reference page for the list of websites or other resources you used to plan the trip. Save your essay and then upload it to the Unit 8 Assignment Dropbox.
  • SEE DocSharing for the Student Aid Document titled Outline for the Unit 8 Assignment.
  • LOOKING AHEAD: You will paste this itinerary to the Unit 9 Discussion area with an invitation for others to join you on the trip.

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My summer vacation is up in a few weeks and I plan to make it one worth remembering.
I considered a list of ten potential holiday destinations around the world. Ecuador, Mexico,
Philippines, Australia, France, Botswana, Panama and Egypt came to mind. However, advice
from colleagues and family led me to settling for Panama. The country is amazing from what I
have heard and a detailed search in tour websites has helped me craft the right itinerary for this
vacation. I am going out alone hence it is going to be cheap yet all the more satisfying on a
personal level (White, Phil, and Carol White). These two weeks have been planned down to each
day. Where to stay as well as what mode of transport have all been looked into.
When most people visit Panama, they travel between Boquete, Panama City and Bocas
del Toro. However, there are many more places that are not known to people. These have green
rainforests, remote islands, forgotten sandy beaches. I have chosen a very comprehensive
itinerary that takes into account most of these places. It shall allow me to see most of Panama in
a very limited period of time. The purpose of this itinerary is to also discuss logistics.
Departure from US

I shall book my flight from the US leaving via Dallas International Airport. As I will be
travelling light, I know I shall only require one bag. This suitcase shall ...

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