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You were recently hired as the fleet safety manager of a company that operates a fleet of 25 delivery trucks within a 100-mile radius of your company. Currently, the company does not have any camera system, Global Positioning System (GPS), or driver monitoring system in its fleet. You are receiving complaints from your customers about late deliveries, and, at times, when you are on the road, you notice your company trucks stopped at a local mini-mart for what seems to be more than a short break. Upper management is concerned and wants to know what you can do to solve this problem.

For this case study, research two different camera/driver monitoring systems, describing features and costs for both systems. Describe which system you would choose based on the needs of your fleet. Feel free to add any information or create more details for the given scenario. Be sure to include information about the topics below in your case study.

  • Describe how the system can help improve driver performance.
  • Describe how the system can help track deliveries.
  • Discuss how monitoring systems eliminate possible driving distractions.

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Camera Monitoring Systems

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Camera monitoring systems combine software and hardware that commercial fleets use to
minimize driver risk and improve safety. A driver vehicle camera system can be a solo or numerous
cameras installed inside or outside in each vehicle. These cameras can be combined with connected
software like an online dashboard to coach drivers, review incident footage, and improve truck
safety over time. The cameras include dual-facing dash cameras, forward facing dash cameras,
exterior cameras, interior cameras, and backup cameras.
The camera monitoring system that would fit our fleet is the Samsara hardware highlights
or dash cams. This type of camera system is excellent and suitable for caravans because they
analyze driver behavior and road on time. They sent actionable insights to managers and also alerts
to drivers. They are also good because they lower fleet costs as they are relatively cheap. It has
been estimated that some customers who own fleets rely on these cameras because they can save
$100,000 a year. That’s a considerable amount considering that fleet business has faced
competition from the railway industry in recent years. For example, in developing countries, many
companies are turnin...

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