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Nearing the end of the semester, it is now time for students to reflect on the knowledge obtained in their course(s) and determine the effectiveness of incorporating real-world experience into our academic curriculum. Please complete the reflection to the best of your ability with APA.

Students should;

  • Be able to apply knowledge and theory gained in their courses of study within current workplace or in their future employment.
  • Be able demonstrate the application of theory to workplace in written form.
  • Be able to identify the benefits of incorporating real-world experience into an academic program.
  • You will need to reflect on how your courses and internship relate to your dissertation/research topic at least 500 words.

* Please explain how you participate in business operations and decision making in your current position: 200 words

I work in UHG as digital transformation leader and I only worked on my dissertation this semester. Research title - Exploring the Impact of Automation in Health Insurance on the Quality of Healthcare

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Final Reflection

I work in the United Health Group (UHG) as a digital transformation leader. Our main
objective is to advance a consumer-centric, integrated, safe, and straightforward digital health
system. We operate best to enhance health outcomes and develop a digital health workforce
deeply committed to consumers' and providers' needs. The course on “Exploring the Impact of
Automation in Health Insurance on the Quality of Healthcare” has been fundamental since I have
gained knowledge and theory that have enabled me to work efficiently in UHG as a
transformational digital leader.
The knowledge gained over the course mainly expounds on digital healthcare services.
One of the key takeaways in the study is the benefits of automation in providing quality services
to patients. For instance, automation helps provide better services in the healthcare industry by
using tools and technologies (Ellison, 2021). The EHR machine is being utilized to generate
data, and the health practitioners can easily access the data needed. Further, the use of AI in
revenue applications can aid in generating bills faster, and this saves time when presenting bills
to patients, enhancing their satisfaction.
Similarly, the patients can benefit from the advanced technology since it becomes easy to
detect their ailments, allowing early treatment. There is also speed in detecting and providi...

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