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In this assignment, you will practice additional methods of essay development. Please write five short entries. In your first, use cause and effect. In your second, practice contrast. In your third, define something. In your fourth, practice division-classification. And finally, in your last present an argument. I'll leave you some prompts below. Be sure to use thesis statements!

This five-parted assignment should be created as a single Microsoft Word document. Each part should be a minimum of one full page. Reference your web links and reading assignment for additional information about these different essay types.

NOTE: Please label your assignment as follows so your instructor can clearly see which essay is which.  Each short essay should be three-quarters of a page to one double-spaced page in 12-point font.  The assignment as a whole is worth up to 120 points and should be 4 to 5 pages in length, double spaced. Use MLA formatting.

Part I: Write Cause and Effect:

What are the CAUSES of you becoming an online student (the effect)?

Part II: CONTRAST two things, any two things you'd like.

You might contrast cats/dogs; online school/traditional school; glasses/contacts; soccer/football

Part III: DEFINE yourself in some way.

Are you an adventurer? A sister? What does it mean to play this role?

Part IV: DIVIDE and CLASSIFY something.

Think music, vacations, food, pets, technology...

Part V: Create a short ARGUMENT about something you feel passionate about.

Here's an example, though you can feel free to use something else:

"60, 61, 73, 56, .367, 511, 2632, and 5714 – these are numbers that mean something to baseball fans; they tell us of streaks and of seasons; of history, change and sometimes progress; they speak to us as Americans.  This is our game, and subsequently, it reflects both the best and worst parts of our culture.  But American isn’t about glossing over the past or condemning it – it’s about moving on, learning from our mistakes and remembering what’s worth remembering and for these reasons, asterisks should not be used to denote baseball records earned during the steroid era."

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