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Read the Case Coney Island Hospital at the end of Chapter 4 and write a 2-3 page APA style paper addressing the questions found in the Rubric below.

Coney Island Hospital Case:

Often, the success of hospital-based nursing depends on its adaptability. Nurses can ensure that success when they think outside of traditional nurs- ing roles and focus on effective ways to deliver care. You’ll most likely find our assignment familiar: reduce costs, improve quality and access to care, and improve satisfaction for patients and caregivers. This is no small feat, and it requires caregivers to innovate new ways to care for patients.

To start the work redesign, they created a steering committee to collect and analyze data and create the new design. The committee included nurses from administration, education, middle management, and direct care providers, as well as nurses with differing credentials (RN and LPN) who work all shifts.

The committee agreed that staff satisfaction, leading to increased auton- omy and control, would be one of its priorities while developing the new model. The committee had a threefold objective:

1. Develop a nursing model that will more efficiently utilize RNs, LPNs, and unlicensed assistive personnel within quality standards.

2. Give staff attractive and satisfying roles. 3. Stay within the current budget.

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Unit 4 Assignment
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During the delivery of nursing care to patients, there have always been assistants to the nurses. It
is always important to understand that provision of nursing care without support is impossible.
These assistants are personalities trained to function in an assistive role to those registered
professional nurse in better provision of care to patient activities according to the registered
professional nurse (Aggleton, Chalmers, 2010).

There is nothing essentially wrong with nurses who need assistance in delivering care. The
challenges that take place in professional setting arises when nurses face certain tasks that h...

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