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Was Martha Stewart used as a scapegoat? The world's most famous homemaker, known for her ubiquitous brand that includes a TV show on PBS, magazine and line of home goods, was convicted in 2004 of conspiracy and obstruction of justice related to an investigation into her selling of shares of drugmaker ImClone Systems. Authorities said she used inside information of an FDA ruling against a key ImClone drug to sell shares ahead of the negative news and made false statements about it when asked. She served a five-month prison sentence, during which she famously lost in an annual Christmas decorating contest.

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Martha Stewart’s Trial
Martha Stewart should not have been jailed for insider trading. The United of States is
among the Western countries which do not clearly understand the meaning of insider, insider
trading and insider information. Its law system does not give a clear definition for those
terms. This therefore makes many innocent people to be send to prisons without a clear
definition of the offence committed. Martha Stewart was imprisoned because of selling the
ImClone shares because she received a tip from her broker. Sam Waksal who was the
ImClone’s CEO tipped ...

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