Invention Work for Project 1: Place and Space Freewriting, English homework help

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Invention Work for Project 1: Place and Space Freewriting

This freewriting assignment is designed to help you make one of the most important decisions of Project 1: identifying an appropriate place/space for your profile. Making a strategic, well-informed decision at the start of this project can make all the difference in how enjoyable and successful this composing process is for you.

First, review the Project 1 assignment sheet and the accompanying grading rubric. Internalize to the best of your ability what this project asks you to do.

Next, list every space and place you can think of that you might be interested in building the profile around. What public spaces do you frequent? What public places might you be interested in learning more about (and that you have regular access to)?

When you've finished thinking about the possibilities and have compiled your list, freewrite for at least 10 minutes about these places/spaces you've identified. Freewriting is a writing invention activity; it is designed to help you get ideas out of your mind and onto the page (or screen). When freewriting, don’t worry about composing perfect sentences (or perfect transitions between sentences). The goal is to get as many ideas out as you initially can without stopping. You might use the following questions as guidelines for your freewriting:

  • For each space I’ve identified, what is interesting about it? What preconceptions do I have - positive, negative, or neutral – about the space’s identity?
  • What initial questions about each place do I have?

Once you have written down your ideas in this freewriting session, study what you’ve written.

Next, create a subsequent list of the spaces/places you identified, and rank them according to their size (or scope). List the smallest space/place first, and the largest place/space last. Study your list. Are all the places/spaces of a size appropriate for the observations our assignment requires?

Finally, write a paragraph that explains what your top two place/space choices are for Project 1 and why. Be specific in thoroughly explaining your rationale for how you arrived at these choices. Keep in mind the place/space you select for Project 1 needs to be one you can visit regularly while working on this project.

Please include all three steps of this invention activity (the freewrite, the lists, and the final paragraph) when you submit your Assignment. You may either paste your Assignment material into the content submission area, or attach a Microsoft Word-accesible document. Do *not* paste text into the Comments portion of the Submission area.

While all the Habits of Mind are involved in all work for this course, you might find it helpful to emphasize Curiosity and Creativity as you brainstorm. Be Persistentas you make sure to freewrite without stopping for at least 10 minutes.

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Surname 1




Place and Space Free-writing

Public spaces are social spaces, which are open and generally accessible to people. They
main include road, parks, public squares, and beaches. The following are the public spaces that I
might be interested in building profile around.

Ater Stree

Wall Street

Maiden Lane2

Lincoln Square

Pennsylvania Plaza, One Penn Plaza

Rk Avenue

Jay Street, Renaissance Plaza

Livingston Street

Livingston ...

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