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  Write a shell script called rpt.bash that accepts
  a student's information file and displays it in a different
  format on the screen.
  This is a sample information file is called r1.txt

  First Name: John
  Last Name: Doe
  Address: 5934 Lightdrive
  City: Columbus
  State: IA
  ZIP: 87345
  Birthday: 1978-12-11
  Address: 5934 Lightdrive, Columbus, IA, 95933
  Average: 84 (Good)

  the script should display your result and should be the same as above.
  If the average of scores is >= 90, you should display "Excellent".

  If average_score < 90 || average_score >= 70, you should display "Good".
  If average_score < 70, you should display "Poor".

  This is another sample record file called record2.txt.
  First Name: Sam
  Last Name: Newt
  Address: 8981 Lost in Space Avenue
  City: Sioux
  State: SD
  ZIP: 89823
  Birthday: 01/22/1992
  Score1: 69
  Score2: 69A sample run of the script should be like below:
  $ ./report.bash record2.txt
  =========== Report Card of Newt, Sam ===========
  Birthday: 01-22-1992
  Address: 8981 Lost in Space Avenue, Sioux, SD, 89823
  Average: 69 (Poor)
  =========== End of Report Card ===========

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