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there are five questions are about Visual basic and i need them to be solved by using your knowledge for recent books

11: write a nested loop to display the annual interest at 3%, 5%, and 7% for 5 years, assuming the balance is already given and declared as following:

Dim dblBalance As Double

Dim dblInterest As Double

Double.TryParse(txtDeposit.Text, dblBalance)

3: write a statement to invoke a function GetNewPrice(dblPrice), the function will return a value, use the return value multiply by variable intQuantity, then assign to dblTotalDue variable.

4: write the private function GetNewPrice(ByVal dblOld As Double) As Double, increases the current price by 8% and returns the new price.

5: write the statement to determine the number of characters in a String strCityState, and assign to the variable intNumChars.

14: Declares a static, five element procedure-level array named intNumbers, each element is automatically initialized to 0

15: Close Do While… Loop to assign the number 86 to each element in the five-element intNumbers array.

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