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Students are advised to carefully study the given scenario and complete three tasks based on this


A network administrator is provided a solution for a small company that has setup Internet

connectivity using two Linksys WRVS4400N business class routers. One is located at the Central site

and the other at the Branch site. They would like to access resources between sites but are

concerned that the Internet traffic would not be secure. To address their concern, it has been

suggested that they implement a site-to-site VPN between the two sites. A VPN would enable the

Branch site office to connect to the Central site office securely by creating a VPN tunnel, which would

encrypt and decrypt data.

Solve these tasks

Task 1- Define VPN technology and its benefits.

Task 2- Components of VPN .

Task 3- Characteristics of secure VPN .

Part B

You are working with AOL ISP which is a USA based ISP and provides Frame Relay based WAN

connections. For attracting different type of customer AOL design a summery document of Frame

relay technology. Task to design that specific document is assigned to you. Following points must be

considered during design phase.

1. Definition of Frame Relay.

2. Benefits of Frame Relay .

3. Virtual Circuit and DLCI no.

4. Frame Relay topologies .

5. Frame relay address mapping .

6. Configuration of Frame Relay.

7. Select one or more than one published paper (preferably from the ACM DL or IEEE CSDL)

that/those is/are discussing one aspect of Frame Relay. Summarize this paper in one page.

The summary should include the main ideas presented in the paper. The paper you select


Zero turnes policy in plagiarism maximum 10%

Guidelines: i. The assignment should not be more than 10 pages in (size A4) paper. ii. The document should be well presented and neatly done. iii. Assignment should be computer typed using Times New Roman 12 font and the soft copy should be submitted through Moodle via available link by week 13. iv. The report must have a Title Page, table of contents, reference/ bibliography and page number. Every page must have header & footer. v. Heading should be with Font Size 14, Bold, and Underline. vi. Each student has to do the assignment individually. vii. You are welcome to discuss about the assignment with the lecturer in his office hours.

Plagiarism policy:

Clarification on Plagiarism Policy As per college policy, any form of violation of academic integrity will invite severe penalty. Plagiarised documents, in part or in whole, submitted by the students will be subject to this policy. A. First offence of plagiarism a. A student will be allowed to re-submit the assignment once, within a maximum period of one week. However, a penalty of deduction of 25% of the marks obtained for the resubmitted work will be imposed.

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Frame Relay and the Wide Area Network Link Layers

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The paper “Optimal Relay-Destination...Selection Mechanism for Secure
Communications...Wireless Cooperative Relay Networks” by Pinchang Zhang is listed in the
ACL library. It was written after the 2016 Global Conference on Network Applications and
Networking in Japan. The resolutions argued in the paper are summarized below.
In the digitized economy, frame relay is being used as a standard for businesses in a wide
area network to portray the physical and logical topographies of communication. In the recent
technology, frame relay is being used in voice transmission over a wide area network. This
feature makes it implementable in organizations given that it also has a variety of other features.
According to the set standards, any client in the network will be assigned a private connection to
the hub of a frame relay.
The framework of the frame relay ensures transmission of data. When contrasted to other
technologies such as ATM, it is found to be relatively cheaper. Data is transmitted in HDLC
packets mostly termed as frames. Each circuit is allocated a slot, and they are popularly referred
to as permanent virtual circuits. Theses circuits are logical channels that connect the end users.
The purpose of the virtual circuits is to ensure there is consistency in quality. It is considered to
VOIP and video conferencing given that it does not perform any remedies.
Additionally, a Frame Relay Assembler Disassembler is a system gadget that assembles
and disassembles frames. An example is the DCB SR protocol that fragments packets in an
efficient correspondence circuit. A Data Link Connection Identifier is more than a figure for the
virtual. It is used to pass the fragmented information from one framework to another.

Pinchang Zhang asserts that frame relay is a cost effective alternative to wide area
networks and it is gaining popularity among the business community.


Pinchang Zhang, Yuanyu Zhang, Xiaolan Liu and Bin Yang. (2016-07). Optimal-Relay
Destination-Pair Selection Mechanism for-Secure Communications in WirelessCooperative Relay Networks. 2016 International Conference on Networking and
Network Applications (NaNA) (2016) (pp. 84-89). Hakodate City: DOI Bookmark:

Advanced Networking Technologies
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Part A

A virtual private network is a communication framework consisting of various
technologies to achieve security in the system (Yuan, 2001). Data in this type of system i...

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