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Week 2 Assignment - Professional Email Message


Before you begin your Week 2 assignment, download the ENG315 Scenarios file linked in this assignment and review the four scenarios. Review the facts in the scenario of your choice and keep these elements in mind as you compose your email in response to it. Remember, the focus of this assignment is to acknowledge the issue within your chosen scenario and send a request, via email, to arrange a discussion of the issue.


  • Choose one of the professional scenarios outlined in this document:
  • Use the names from the scenario in your To, From, Subject, and Signature areas.
  • Write a professional email message from one of the character's perspectives as outlined in your selected scenario.
  • Address the email to another character in the scenario regarding the communication issue provided in the scenario.
  • Use the form from Figure 5A in the BCOM text to format your email.
  • While your message must take the form of an email, you will submit it as a writing assignment in Word document format.
  • Content:
    • Craft an email message that summarizes all relevant facts of the scenario, requests a face-to-face meeting to discuss the relevant facts at a specific day and time, and uses language and tone appropriate for the recipient.
  • Format
    • Format your email using the standard form of Figure 5A in the BCOM text that has a descriptive subject line, a professional greeting/salutation, and a signature.

This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards. Use the format provided in Figure 5A in the BCOM text as a template for this assignment. Please refer to the Templated Assignments Guidelines in the Strayer Writing Standards link in the left-hand menu of your course for assistance and information.

Review your work with the rubric/scoring guide before submitting your assignment to check that your work meets all the grading requirements.

Remember to run a spelling and grammar check on your document prior to submission. Check with your professor if you have additional questions.

The specific course learning outcome associated with this assignment is:

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ENG315 ENG315 Scenarios Scenario 1 • • • • Zander is a top-performing industrial equipment salesperson for D2D. After three years of working with his best client, he receives a text message from Carlos, his direct manager, assigning him to a completely different account. Carlos has received complaints that Zander "gets all the good clients" and "is not a team player." Zander responds to the message and asks for a meeting with Carlos to discuss this change. Carlos responds with another text message that reads “Decision final. Everyone needs to get a chance to work with the best accounts, so it is fair. Come by the office and pick up your new files.” Moments later, Zander sends a text message to Sabrina, his regional manager and Carlos’s boss. It simply reads “We need to talk.” Scenario 2 • • Chris, Savannah, and Tony work for Knowledge, Inc., a consulting firm. While on a conference call with Millennial Photography, an established client, the group discusses potential problems with a marketing campaign. Suni, lead photographer and owner, insists the marketing is working and changes are not needed. Chris reaches over to put Suni on mute but inadvertently pushes the wrong button. He immediately says to Savannah and Tony that the marketing campaign is not working and that “Suni should stick to taking pretty pictures.” Suni responds, “You know I can hear you, right?” Scenario 3 • • Shannon shows up to work approximately five minutes late one morning, walking silently and quickly to punch in at the time clock near the front desk. Sarah, the front desk manager, says, "Good morning, Chris." Shannon punches in and heads into the shop to his desk. Sarah rolls her eyes, picks up the phone, and dials the on-duty manager to alert him that Shannon just arrived and should be reaching his desk at any moment. Scenario 4 • • • Liam works for the website division of SuperMega retail company. He receives an email late Friday afternoon indicating that a new computer will launch at the end of next June and it will be in high demand with limited stock. The three-page message also indicates that customers will be able to preorder the item 30 days before launch, according to the production company. Liam is asked to create a landing page for consumers who are interested in learning more about the product. By mistake, Liam sets up a page that allows customers to preorder product that afternoon, well in advance of the company authorized preorder period. Late Friday evening consumers begin to preorder the product. Arianna, vice president of product sales at SuperMega, learns of the error Saturday morning and calls Liam to arrange a meeting first thing Monday morning. Arianna explains to Paul on the phone that the company intends to cancel all of the preorders, and Liam responds that the company should honor the preorders because the error was internal and not the fault of consumers. After a heated exchange, Liam hangs up on Arianna when she insists that the preorders will be canceled because of Liam’s error. © 2020 Strayer University. All Rights Reserved. This document contains Strayer University Confidential and Proprietary information and may not be copied, further distributed, or otherwise disclosed in whole or in part, without the expressed written permission of Strayer University. Page 1
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Explanation & Answer

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To: Mrs. Sabrina
Cc: Mr. Carlos
From: Mr. Zander
Subject: Request to appeal transfer from my current sales person account

Dear Mrs. Sabrina,

I hereby write to seek your help and counsel in resolving my recent job transfer cas...

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