Cuyamaca College Fall Colors Observation Activity

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Are you heading for a certain destination?

  1. Walking out and back? Making a loop?

Dictated by certain clues (ex. turn right when...)? 

Choose parameters of your walk

  • Determine Actions or Goals for the Walk.
  • Do you want to notice a particular something?
  1. Take a particular physical action?

Follow a rule (ex. if this, then that)?

Listen to headphones?

Interact with nature or people?

Take a certain action or posture?

  • Collect objects?

Take photos?

  • It can be whatever you choose: it is your walk.

Take your Art Walk!

  • When you return, reflect upon the experience and make a record of your Art Walk.

Give your Art Walk a title. You may find the title reveals itself to you during this process.

  • Print the Art Walk Handout below to finalize your assignment and submit for a grade. If you don't have a printer, use it as a template. 

If you need more space than what is provided on the handout, attach additional pages as needed.

  1. Upload the Art Walk Handout and type your answer to the prompt in the submission box:

PROMPT: How was the Art Walk for you? Were you able to experience it as a creativity exercise? Or did the so-called "internal critic" show up and criticize? Please answer with a minimum of three sentences. Correct sentence punctuation and capitalization required.

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Student Name: Course: Date: Art Walk Title: Duration: Route: Actions/Goals: Observations: Post-Walk Record or Artistic Expression:
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Explanation & Answer

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Student Name:

Art Walk
Title: Fall Walk

15 Minutes

Route: Down bike trail

near my house


Photographs and
observations of fall colors

Observations: Yellowing foliage,...

Goes above and beyond expectations!


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