You have been invited to be part of the planning committee for the County Fair.

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You have been invited to be part of the planning committee for the County Fair. In order to be an effective member you will need to complete a series of tasks. Mullin’s Farm has donated space for the fair. It is 20 acres. Each acre is 660 feet by 66 feet and together they form a rectangle. You will need to work within this space to decide how to layout the fair and accommodate all the events and people.

First, think about what information you will need to complete this part of the larger problem. Discuss what mathematical understanding you will need to have, what resources you might use to learn more, and what further information you need. Then suggest a process that you would suggest to the planning committee to lay out the fair.

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County Fair
The information that is needed to plan for all the events and the people who will attend the fair is

Approximated number of people attending

Number of events that will take place

Location of Mullin’s farm

Accessibility of Mullin’s farm

General condition of the farm

Sanitation for the guests

For me to organize the layout for the fare, mathematical understanding of the perimeter and the
area of the farm that Mullin had donated is needed. The perimeter of the farm is required to

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