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A researcher is attempting to determine the effects of practice and gender on a timed task.  Participants in an experiment are given a computerized search task.  They search a computer screen of various characters and attempt to find a particular character on each trial.  When they find the designated character, they press a button to stop a timer.  Their reaction time (in seconds) on each trial is recorded.  Subjects practice for 2, 4, or 6 hours and are either female or male.  The reaction time data for the 30 subjects appear here:

                   Women    Men

2 Hours          12          11

                       13          12

                       12          13

                       11          12

                       11          11

4 Hours          10           8 

                       10           8

                       10           10

                        8           10

                        7            9

6 Hours           7             5

                        5             6

                        7             8

                        6             6

                        7             8

Source                        DF               SS               MS          F

Gender                                             0.027

Practice                                           140.60

Gender x Practice                             0.073

Error                                                  28.00

Total                                                 168.70

A.  Complete the ANOVA summary table.

B.  Are the values of Fobt significant at a = .05? At a = .01?

C.  What conclusions can be drawn from the F-ratios?

D.  What is the effect size, and what does this mean?

E.  Graph the means.

Note:  Please explain in detail how you arrived at each of the answers.  I am trying to learn this material.

Thank you!

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