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i am stuck on this problem. here is a pic of the problem

please help me with this. its the last  and only ? i need help 

thanks in advance

Feb 8th, 2015

Cash from operating activities:

   Cash revenues                                   $58,000

    Less cash expenses                           50,000        $8,000

Cash from investing activities:

    cash paid for purchase of land                              $(51,000)

Cash from financing activities:

    Cash receipt from:

   Issue of common stock                       $60,000

   Borrowed from National Bank               42,000


     Cash paid for:

       Cash dividend                   $2,000

       Paid bank loan                   11,000     13,000        $99,000

Feb 8th, 2015

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Feb 8th, 2015
Feb 8th, 2015
Oct 17th, 2017
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