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Your task is to organize and develop the three (3) parts (introduction, body, and closing) of an effective presentation, based on your Justification Report (Assignment 2.3). Chapter 12 in our text provides overall information on presentation format, content, and delivery. Please do not simply cut and paste your justification report content to the slides. Instead develop clear, concise content that enhances your presentation narration or notes. Remember that your slides are meant to be highlights and your audience should not spend a great deal of time reading from the slides but instead listening to you present the concepts.

Create an eight to ten (8-10) slide presentation in which you:

  1. Ensure that your PowerPoint presentation fulfills the appropriate length requirements and professional style requirements.
  2. Open with an engaging introduction of the topic of your report. Include one (1) title slide and one (1) introductory slide.
  3. For the body of your presentation, cover the main points of your report. Create slides that reinforce and illustrate your main ideas. Follow basic design principles for effective slide content.
  4. For your single closing slide, finish with a memorable wrap-up statement that refocuses on the purpose of your report.
  5. Use PowerPoint voice-over and / or the notes section to present your slides.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:

  • Include a title slide containing the title of the assignment, your name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The title slide is not included in the required slide length.
  • Format the PowerPoint presentation with headings on each slide, and two to three (2-3) relevant graphics (photographs, graphs, clip art, etc.) throughout the presentation, ensuring that the presentation is visually appealing and readable from 18 feet away. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
  • Slides should abbreviate the information in no more than five or six (5 or 6) bullet points each.
  • Slide titles should be based on the criteria being summarized (e.g., “Four Key Attributes,” “Responses to Budget Issues,” etc.).

Assignment Checklist

  • Descriptive titles on each of the slides
  • Text contains concise, precise content
  • Graphics convey the idea described by the slide text
  • Statements in bulleted lists have a parallel structure
  • The font size is easily read from a distance
  • There are no more than three (3) different font styles in the presentation
  • The color and background convey a formal business tone
  • Animation effects are used in moderation
  • There are no misspellings or typographical errors

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JUSTIFICATION REPORT Tiffany Dunn MAY 9, 2017 PROFESSIONAL COMMUNICATIONS Professor Lakshmanan Administrative officials Behavioral Intervention Specialist team Dolphin Excellence Middle School 1234 Rainbow St Savannah, GA May 9, 2017 Dear Administrative Officials: As a member of the behavior intervention specialist team, it is my duty to ensure the safety of all students. The increasingly negative and violent student behaviors has been directly related to gang activity. In light of recent gang activity among our students within our school, the behavior intervention team has come up with possible solutions to reduce and ultimately eliminate the negative behaviors. An analysis of both solutions has been conducted and although both solutions were highly favorable, it is in the schools best interest for the children to implement solution two. Thank you for your input and for allowing my team to research and analyze possible solution to the increasing disruptive behaviors among our students. With kind regards, Tiffany Dunn Table of Contents Executive Summary ...................................................................................................................... 3 Introduction ................................................................................................................................... 4 Report Overview ........................................................................................................................... 4 Evaluation of Alternatives ............................................................................................................ 7 Findings and Analysis ................................................................................................................... 8 Reference ..................................................................................................................................... 10 Executive Summary This report examines the feasibility of two potential solutions for reducing and ultimately eliminating the disruptive behaviors among our students that relate to gang activity. Methods of analysis include installing metal detectors and requiring students to adhere to a strict disciplinary policy such as clear book bags, wearing school uniforms and school issued identification badges. The results of the data show that both examined solutions are quality alternatives that will detour disruptive behavior among students. However the report finds that, while both analyzed alternatives provide similar outcomes, Solution two most closely meets the criteria of the board of education in terms of overall cost effectiveness, behavior modification choices, positive school environment, and Dolphin Excellence. Introduction Security in school is critical for the safety of all students. As said, young people are the backbone of the society. Student form the growing section of the society that is essential for the future. Therefore, of utmost importance is ensuring safety of each student. It is the mandate of every school to provide a safe, cordial environment that allows the student to learn and grow at the same time. While there are many challenges in developmental stage, student face danger from extremist groups and gangs that shift focus of some students. Therefore instilling best measures to numb the stray students is integral such that they can receive proper care and timely care to change their behavior. The main purpose of our research is to identify the best possible solutions for ensuring dangerous weapons do not enter the school. While there are many alternatives, we shall focus on the main alternatives, while looking for the most cost effective, viable and implantable solution that will last. In our case study, we understand the dangers posed by gangs that possess guns. Therefore, the main purpose of our search is determining what solution best fits the case scenario and works effectively and efficiently. We keep in mind that our ultimate goal is to create a workable, safe and cordial environment for all students to achieve their education goals. Dolphin Excellence Middle School Problem Statement: The recent disruptive behaviors of some students at Dolphin Excellence Middle School are a direct result of gang activities. • • • • • • • • • Students are increasingly being put out of class during instructional time Students who are put out of class are unsupervised Students in hall without a pass Students are violating the rights of other students who are trying to learn Teachers calling out due to stressful work environments Students not meeting grade level requirements to be promoted High level of retained students who are involved with gangs Students are concealing weapons in book bags Students are using technology i.e. smart phones to initiate fights in school Report Overview This report was created to help restore order and a safe learning environment to the students at Dolphin Excellence Middle School. The behavior intervention team chose the best solution to reduce and ultimately eliminate disruptive behaviors that are a direct result of gang activities. The behavior intervention specialists were tasked to investigate two alternatives to determine the best recommendation for Dolphin Excellence Middle School. The two recommendations researched were Solution One, installation of metal detector along with issuing student identification badges and Solution Two all students have clear book bags, removal of lockers, wear school uniforms along with school identification badge. The Behavior Intervention Specialist team’s criteria by which to judge the alternatives were as follows: cost, approval by school board, implementation feasibility, making sure parents are aware of disruptive behaviors and the consequences. Research methods included calls, Internet research (from other county public school systems), staff surveys (to determine preferences), and town- hall meetings to include and inform parents. An evaluation of the two alternatives revealed that Solution Two, should be recommended, since it offered advantages that Solution One could not: an opportunity for students to have a positive turn around in their behavior without such an invasive process as Solution One. Solution one: Install metal detectors at main entrances and require all students to walk through them every morning (Tseng & Becker, 2016). If a weapon is found or anything that relates to gang activity then student is given a disciplinary referral (to be completed by teacher or administrator) and referred to the administrative office to receive further consequences. Students would also be required to wear school color uniforms only along with school issued identification badge. Once student is referred to the office a disciplinary referral is reviewed and recommendations to be completed per county handbook will be followed. Solution two: Remove all lockers from hallways and require students to keep all supplies needed for educational purposes inside of see through or clear book bags. This allows all staff to see the contents of all of student items and reduces the chances of a concealed weapon from going unseen. Along with clear book bags students will be required to wear uniforms that only identifies with school colors and student identifications badges that are visible at all times. No technology is allowed to be used by students once they enter campus to include headphones unless permission is given by teachers. Lastly, no student is allowed to wear a hood or have a zipped up jacket once they enter campus. Violations will result in disciplinary referral with consequences that will result in in school suspension, Saturday school or out of school suspension. The criteria: 1. Cost of metal detectors versus making student id badges 2. Cost of removing lockers versus issuing see through book bags 3. Cost of providing school uniform shirts 4. Getting the county board of education to approve 5. Implementation of solution among students 6. Staff following through with enforcing solutions to eliminate gang activity 7. Making sure parents are aware of signs of gang activity Methods: Call parents for “town hall” meeting to discuss solutions Rely on school resource officers to help with identifying gang activity Make sure employees are on duty post during class transitions Do not allow students in hall without pass or left unsupervised Teachers conducting daily dress code checks to be completed in homerooms Teachers immediately report violation of dress code to administration Evaluation of Alternatives Cost 1. Solution One – will cost Dolphin Excellence Middle $73,900 to install metal detectors at entrances, $83 per uniform a year which is $99,600 for 1200 students, $8 per student identification card which is $9,600 for 1200 students. In an analysis the overall cost is high adding metal detectors is high compared to making student badges. Moreover, it is possible to by-pass the inspection area especially for students who intend to carry any weapons. 2. Solution Two – will cost Dolphin Excellence Middle $435 for every 3 locker tiers to dismantle and remove which is $58,000 for 400 lockers to be removed, $83 per uniform a year which is $99,600 for 1200 students, $8 per student identification card which is $9,600 for 1200 students. School uniform is cost effective while at the same time provides a lasting solution to the problem. In comparison to the first solution mentioned, school uniform creates uniformity among the students, therefore any concealed component would be easily detected. In addition, providing students with see through bags is a good solution; however, there are cost implications that may deter the applicability of the alternative. 3. Viability and applicability of the alternatives is another key factor. In view of the first alternative, there is great possibility of application compared to the second alternative. Ideally, the issue is in the second alternative, it requires application of extra strategic cameras and weapon detectors to ensure that while the students walk around the school the cameras are able to detect concealed weapons. Moreover, enforcing that each student does not wear any jackets with zipper is a bit hard considering the maker of most jackets especially during the cold season have a zipper. In direct comparison, it is highly applicable. The first alternative is a tried and tested method that has worked in many institutions. At the entry point, every student with a school badge that has unique codes that are detected at the point of entry to identify the students as a member of student fraternity. Moreover, metal detectors at point of entry provide the most sensible and actionable solution to individuals carrying weapons. In addition, wearing school uniform is a common practice in many schools worldwide. Therefore getting such a statutory change is easy and straightforward therefore very actionable and viable solution. 4. Implementation process of alternative one is easier than alternative two. Ideally, alternative one only requires that there are trained personnel who are able to operate the metal detector machines effectively. Moreover, the school badges contain unique codes that help identify the student as part of the school right from admission. It makes it easy for identification while in school. On the other hand, solution two is not easy to implement, first is because the school would require extra personnel dedicated to the specific task of identifying possible metal or weapons from the see through bags (Bhatt & Davis, 2016). Above problem is easily solve through metal detectors, which further eliminated human error of judgments, and therefore prevents from unnecessary panic and mishandling of students. 5. Task force or work force to carry out the first alternative is significantly less to the second alternative. Moreover, security officials implementing the first alternative are more likely to carry out effective and thorough security work in detecting possible weapons entry into the school compared to the second alternative. It implies that second alternative requires more people to keep constant vigil while at the same time make call of judgement where they notice a possible threat. However, the second alternative is bound to human error of judgement where some items may look like weapons when they are not. In addition, it would also imply that the school does interfere with the privacy of the students, which would ring negatively with the students. Findings and Analysis While both Solutions One and Two offered desirable alternatives, the most discounts that appealed to the Behavior Intervention Specialist team at Dolphin Excellence is Solution Two because it offered much deeper discounts. Another issue that had to be considered is the decision of rather or not to provide the school uniforms for students or require the parents to purchase them. Recognizing that all of our student’s financial and family dynamics are not the same. Ultimately, we wanted to insure that all students were able to adhere to the dress code policy so ensuring they are supplied with the necessary attire was appropriate for the budget. For a graphic depiction of the findings and analysis, see Figure 1 below: Criteria Alternative Alternative solution one Cost Implementation Costly Easy to implement and maintain in the long run AlternativeSolution Cheap Not easy to Two implement, there is possibility of protest Feasibility Task force Student perspective Highly feasible and accurate in detection of weapons Requires less task force since there is machines Not always accurate, there is possibility of human error therefore making it less feasible Requires more task force to ensure implementation of particular regulations and detection through seethrough bags Students are less likely to protest against this method since it does not interfere with their privacy Students are more likely to protest since see through bags expose some of their private possessions while in school Figure 1: Graphic Analysis of Findings Recommendation As recommended that Dolphin Excellence Middle implement alternative solution one. Use of metal detectors at point of entry, and school uniform to all the students is the most viable solution to ensure and end to the issue. First, there is ease and accuracy of detection of any weapons forms the metal detector. Therefore, even if the school would implement a no-technology policy from students coming into the school, that would be easily detected. Moreover, school uniform ensures uniformity of all students, such that it is highly possible to detect an alien in school. On the other hand, alternative one requires less work force compared to the second alternative. In addition, to ensure that students have a smooth learning experience, you should not make them keep worrying about possible threats from carrying see through bags. Aforementioned policy invades students’ privacy. Therefore would not only be an issue among the students but also invade their right to privacy. To ensure effective learning process, then the students need a proper, safe environment. Reference Bhatt, R., & Davis, T. (2016). The Impact of Random Metal Detector Searches on Contraband Possession and Feelings of Safety at School. Educational Policy, 0895904816673735. Tseng, M., & Becker, C. A. (2016). Impact of Zero Tolerance Policies on American K-12 Education and Alternative School Models. In Critical Examinations of School Violence and Disturbance in K-12 Education, (pp. 135-148). IGI Global. ...
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Tutor Answer

School: UT Austin

It has been great working with you right from the start to the end. I wish you all the best in your studies.

Tiffany Dunn

MAY 9, 2017
Professor Lakshmanan


• This presentation is about my Justification report. School security is
paramount for each student to ensure effective learning and teaching
environment. Secure and safety learning environment have a
significant impact on student lives.
• Youth are the centerline in society development utmost in future.
Although various adverse challenges are affecting young people in
learning institution such as gangs and groups, there is a direct
correlation between school security and student behaviors on their
development stage. Hence, it important school administration should
adhere to school safety and security by implementing effective
• this research paper focuses on practical solutions which ensure
student security and safety is accomplished to achieve the ultimate
education goals, particularly in dolphin excellence middle school.

• Specialist’s investigation indicated that gang activities played a
significant role in recently disruptive behaviors experienced among the
• The key contributing factors and cause of disruptive behaviors
identified at the school include; use of technologies such as
smartphones, snitchi...

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Tutor went the extra mile to help me with this essay. Citations were a bit shaky but I appreciated how well he handled APA styles and how ok he was to change them even though I didnt specify. Got a B+ which is believable and acceptable.

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