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As a practicing independent Behavior Analyst, you have received an e-mail from a staff member representing a provider of education and/or human services requesting your services. Specifically, this staff member has asked you to meet with other staff and/or administrators to develop a behavior intervention plan for an individual they are providing services to. This individual is demonstrating significant problem behaviors.

Please detail responses to the following:

  1. Specify the referral problem. Be creative and describe the type of provider that has requested your services, the client, and the operational definition of the problem behavior(s).

  2. In a script or narrative format, provide information to the members of the “planning” meeting: Describe the specific purposes of a Functional Behavioral Assessment Describe three (3) Indirect Functional Assessment procedures that you may be implementing during the process of the Functional Behavioral Assessment. Be sure to specify how they will be used and what the purpose of each tool is. Describe three (3) Direct Descriptive Assessment procedures you may be implementing during the process of the Functional Behavioral Assessment. Be sure to specify how they will be used and what the purpose of each tool is.

Tips for developing your responses:

  1. The staff that you are presenting to think that, as a Behavior Analyst, you will be able to develop a behavior plan on the spot during this meeting that is both easy to administer and effective at modifying the behavior of the client in question. The staff clearly know nothing about behavioral assessment processes. It is your job to assist them in understanding the process of Functional Behavioral Assessment and its necessity before any interventions can be developed and implemented.

  2. Be mindful of making solid choices of the procedures you will be highlighting based on the scenario you describe at the outset of this Project.

  3. Indirect Assessment Tools / Procedures (Unit 6):

    The Functional Behavioral Assessment Screening Form

    The Behavioral Stream Interview

    The Antecedent Variables Assessment Form

    The Individual Variables Assessment Form

    The Consequence Variables Assessment Form

  4. Directive Descriptive Tools / Procedures (Unit 7):

    Task Difficulty Antecedent Analysis Form

    The Conditional Probability Record

    The Functional Behavioral Assessment Form

    Interval Recording Procedures

    Task Analysis Recording Procedure

Project Guidelines:

  1. 1800 words minimum

  2. APA Format

  3. Utilize the readings and other course material from Unit 6 and Unit 7

  4. If you feel you must find outside resources for assistance, please utilize academically legitimate resources (DO NOT use websites and Wiki’s that are not peer-reviewed)

  5. DO NOT focus on the use of diagnoses or labels

  6. Be specific and detailed; do not just list items and facts

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